Busy Me! How I get things done anywhere I go.

I always have something to do and sometimes it can get very overwhelming. I got to admit I am a hasty kind of person and if I can't get things done, I will go crazy the whole day. haha! True story. As a full time blogger and online entrepreneur, I always need to be around my computer all the time. Get access to the internet all the time and always have something to be done through the computer. Things that keep going are something that is easy to be carry anywhere, light and long battery life. Right now I am using the ASUS TP300CHI. It has a slim sleek design (a thickness of 7.6mm only!) that I love and the best part is. It’s a 2 in 1 so it can be a computer as well as a tablet. Powered by Windows 10 and Intel, it keeps me going and this is how I #makemagiceveryday.
While my husband is driving especially when we travel, I can never stop doing my work. Usually there will be some urgent task I will need to complete it on time, when they have some plan changes and such. To bring my old laptop for travel would be impossible. It is heavy and the battery would not last long as it is just a basic computer that need charging all the time. The ASUS TP300CHI has longer battery life, and it mobile friendly. It is so light and easy to carry anywhere. Up to 8hrs of baterry life, I can easily feel breeze at any 4-5 hours worth of traveling journey. 
As you know Windows 10 has has a new interface on the front where it features a quick start up. I organize my favourite apps on the front which makes my work flow much smoother. While waiting for my food to arrive or simply hanging out in the cafe, I can relax and sit back with my computer by just unplugging it from the key board and now it is a tablet! Not just an ordinary tablet as it is also function just like a real computer where I can get access to more software than a normal tablet can do. Sometimes looking like you doing your work though a laptop can be tiring and you just want to relax. The tablet mode is really convenient. With just one click it can be change between laptop mode or tablet mode easily. The difference is that laptop mode is made to be used with a cursor and the tablet mode to be used with your finger!

I always love to get inspired all the time so going through my favourite apps like Pinterest to get some new ideas for incoming projects and stuff is one of my favourite things to do. I can go hours browsing and scrolling though it. Will let you know my favourite apps that keep me inspired as a blogger and entrepreneur next!

Stay tuned for more. More info about making magic everyday like I do on the Make Magic website!

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