When did it all start?

Have you ever imagine your life without the computer discovery? Well basically I could not. I would not imagine what I am doing right now if it is not being around my computer. The first computer I got as far as I can remember back years ago was the HP Presario v3000 powered by Windows and Intel processors.

It was my life!

It might be bulky and heavy to be honest, but I bring it nearly everywhere around campus. I do assignments with it, surf the internet, play games and more! When I woke up in the morning, it was the first thing I could remember to turn it on. While getting ready for class, I will turn up some music. And it all begin there, when I was bored. There is when I started to have my own blog.

Famous question. When did I start blogging? Haha! It all started back in June/July in 2011. I used to have a blog back in 2009 but I am not active around it because on my old study place did not have good access with the internet. So I started back with a new blog back in 2011 when I studied in KL. With the same laptop I got and I can still remember the time when I register my blog right in my room. It all started because I am an avid reader to other people blogs especially beauty and makeup blog. After a while I thought that I should have one too so I can express my love for makeup too. But all I have that time was only a phone camera. So I use the best lighting that I can have in my apartment and snap a few pictures of the things I wanna talk about and upload it in my computer.
My Windows device powered by Intel processors came with all the things I need to get started with, such as using Paint and a free picture editor in  my computer to edit my picture. The basic editing such as re-sizing, watermark placement and such. I also have done a time lapse paint video and use the Window Movie Maker to edit my videos. There is when I learn more about content in my blog and there is where all the fun started!

From my many years of blogging, I’ve learnt so many new things through my computer. The love to learn new things and I could not thank you enough to my laptop as sometimes I neglected the important and how it have helped me so much in doing things in my life. There is where an inspiration comes. I want to have my own Beauty Line. There is when I use my leisure time around my laptop to do research on my business. As student, I could not afford to buy books about business and such. I just use my computer to store my info. Save some pictures in my Picture folder for some inspiration, using Word Document to store some information on the product listing, Excel to set up my budget and more. It took me 4 years to do the research for my Beauty brand which is Breena Beauty. Nope, I did not fly all the way to other country to find my supplier and connection. I do it all through my computer. Sound magical to me! Aaah those memories! This is the basic highlight of when it all started. Do you find my story interesting?

Stay tune for more. More info about making magic everyday like I do! : http://makemagic.my

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