Nakeup Face Korean Makeup Haul & Review

Yay for more makeup and skincare haul! Woot Woot! This time I am featuring a brand from Korea called Nakeup Face. It said to be a trend over there! Here we use Google, in Korea they are more familiar with a site called Naver and this makeup brand is a number one most search makeup brand in Naver. It shows that how Nakeup face is ranked No.1 in Korean cosmetic market. These 3 items that I am going to show you are the items that are hot selling among all beauty products in their categories. Now you can get it in Malaysia thought 11Street. No, I am not typo over here. It is spelled Nakeup Face. Yes. I get confuse at first too. I got a few items, these brand has arrive in Malaysia and available at your popular online store such as 11street and Lazada! With Free Worldwide shipping, I am sold! *dush*. Shipping takes around 4-5 days as it is shipped from Korea. I got mine around 3 days only! Woot woot! Let see what I got!

Nakeup Face Waterking Aqua Oil Mist
Trying out some face mist for these hot humid days we have! Thought this is a great try as the minty cooling sensation attracts me. It is a cooling mist that also control sebum that helps to lower our skin temperature. In result, skin feels fresh just like a splashing some water on your face. Of course this does not cause mess. It is in water form but actually it is an oil mist. It will suppress the moisture evaporation by Argan Oil Film. Some of the ingredients in this mist are Premium Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf, Sea Grape Extract and 12 kinds of Super Berry. But basically a face mist you can use it like a toner, after you cleanse your face, or even through out the day when you face feel uncomfortable (sweaty or hot). This can be use of sensitive skin and even oily skin. They highlighted that yes, man can also use this and this wont smudge your makeup if you plan to spray this after doing your makeup. Instead it will hold up your makeup longer.
Nakeup Face Waterking Aqua Oil Mist 80ml 

My thoughts & review. I love the light texture of the water. It does not leave my face sticky at all and it barely disturb my makeup when I spritz this on to my face. It helps to dismiss the appearance of pores when my foundation caked up. It has a slight cooling sensation and I think this works great as a toner too. It is filled up with 60% of active ingredient, premium material formulation, and it is totally different with most mist that only does to cool up your face.The size of the bottle are not too big or heavy. This is handy inside my bag. I love this mist!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nakeup Face Eyegloss Vaseline lights Eyeshadow
The second product is this unique glossy eyeshadow that just screams me! I have been wanting a cream/liquid eyeshadow for my favorite base color for the longest time. I love the wet effect eyeshadow models use to go with haha. I have a hard time choosing the shades I want. I go for something that I usually go for when doing my makeup. As you know I am a fan of champagne color such as the Naked Lunch from Mac, Too Faced Silk Teddy. So I though of getting the No.3 Cashmere Pink and another one is the classic brown shadow No.4 Gorgeous. They have 4 colors to choose from. Remind me of the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow but I think this is better as it has an applicator with it. The one I swatched at Sephora are pretty messy.
This is a different kind of eyeshadow. Instead of the usual powder form, this one is more like a glossy texture. Just like wearing an eye primer but with hint of colors to ensure long lasting application and pigmentation. It said t be very moisturizing and no fall out of course! This eyeshadow are also infused with hyaluronic acid which moisturizes your lid and keeping it from smudging. It is also waterproof and easy to apply. This is great for people who have oily lids as this will hold to your lid even in sweat condition.

My thoughts & review. I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF. Even on my first swatch it came out beautifully. The applicator is pretty okay, a bit big to control but still workable. I use the tip to dot it on my lid then I use my finger to blend it in. It is not sheer at all, the colors are true to the one you see though the tube. It "grabs" on to my lid, when it sets it does not smudge at all and it is waterproof. It stay on my lid in tack! I think this will be my go to eyeshadow color. Especially Cashmere Pink. It looks like Naked Lunch from Mac but more pigmented. I use Gorgeous shade on my crease just to create a depth. I really love this Eyegloss!
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Nakeup Face One Day Water Volume Lip Ink
The third product is these yummy-licious looking lip tint. Oh gosh. Since I discover these Korean lip tint craze, it has been my favorite other than matte lipstick. These kind of lip products are my go to product for my lips. I all 6 shades. *cough* *cough* I need them ok. Haha! Now let see the swatches and what I think about them.
This product describe as a Self Tattoo One Day Water Volume Lip Ink. Provides long lasting color all day for your lips. It is not as thick as most highly pigmented lip products. This is more of a lip tint but promotes more hydration and pigmentation. They also note that you would need to apply this product on a dry lips. In other means, if you are using lip balm first to smooth out your lips, you would need to make sure it has a clean enough surface for this. They also state that the stain is pretty strong, so removal may takes more effort. They suggest to use this lip product for a gradient effect of full lip looks! #SNS Star also using it!

My thoughts & review. Most durable lip tint I ever use! I love the gelish texture and the fruity scent it has. I got all 6 shades. From Left to Right, Top to Bottom. 01 Poison Red, a true red tint, 02 Gossip Girl, a Fushia Pink shade, 03 Some Pink, a true barbie pink, 04 Look at me a slight red tint with a hint of peach, 05 No Makeup, a sheer peach nude shade, love this! and 06 Vampire a ruby red. The most stained lip tint of all 6. This Self Tattoo One Day Water Volume Lip Ink said for it self. It is hydrating, the color payoff is amazing and yes it stain your lips. It stay all day on your lips especially the darker color ones. It leaves a full tint color to your lips even if you swipe it off. So it is eating proof lip product! hehe. You will need a good makeup remover to remove this. Overall I love all of the shades, as you know lip tint usually are lighter and much more comfortable to wear. This a great during lazy day or simple days. The darker colors such as 01 and 06 are perfect for special occasion. They are really pigmented. This Self ink lip tattoo are ranked No.1 in Korea Naver & ranked No.1 from release date only in two months among 28709 products.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I use 06 Vampire for my lips and I use a bit of concealer for that gradient lip effect. I use both 03 Cashmere Pink & -4 Gorgeous Eyegloss on my lid. After concealer and powder I spray some of the Cooling mist on my face for that dewy finish look.

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