The Body Shop Oils Of Life Skincare Review

These days people start to discover and aware how facial oils are really a staple product in a skincare routine. Despite and put aside the stereotype of thinking having a more oily face using an oily product, we actually missed out the fact that there are good oils that helps to repair our skin and bring back that natural goodness to our skin. Recently The Body Shop has launch a new range called the Oils of Life. Featuring range that concentrate in each seed that said to be a power to fuel a new life and give a whole nutrients to your skin. These range are blended with black cumin (from Egypt) high concentration of antioxidants, roseship (from Chile) known for its repairing benefits from Omega 3 and 6 and camellia seed oils (from China) that is naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid.Concentrated inside each seed is the power to fuel new life. These natural powerhouses provide fundamental nutrients. Each product comes in a white box with gold hot stamp details on the front. These skincare are made from France. I got 3 items here and have tried them for sometime individually one day and another because I thought a whole range of oils will be too much for me. Here are my individual thoughts and review on them.

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Bi Phase Essence Lotion 160ml | RM125.00 (link)
A unique bi-phase (oil + water) formula product. Looks like a toner but this is actually a daily lotion kinda like an essence. Best to be use after cleansing your face and this is said to be a great preparation for your skin for your next skincare product application. It helps to replenish your skin with moisture and soften it too. It looks oily from the bottle it self but as you apply it on your skin, it feels just like water. It is so refreshing but I can feel that it really moisturize my skin without any thickness feeling. The bottle it self is made out of hard plastic but you can squeeze the product out. The liquid is semi thick and I thick best to be apply with your fingers. Make sure to shake it before using it.

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil 30ml | RM199.00 (link)
It is a light weight daily facial oil that intensively revitalize the skin and instantly replenish your skin moisture. Helps to reduce sign of aging. It is made from 99% oils of natural origin, Claims to be a fast absorbing facial oil and will not leave your skin feeling sticky. My personal impression are I like how the bottle looks like. It is made out of a glass and comes with a pipe pump. The oil is pretty thick and it takes time to absorb to my skin but it is not sticky. I use this sometimes and sometimes I mix it up a tiny bit drop of this to my foundation just to give a nice glow to it. It works pretty well. This is suitable during my night skincare routine when I feel my skin id dry.
Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream 50ml | RM158.00 (link)
My favorite of all three. This gives me instant different when I first try it. It is a silky cream with perfecting micro pearls that is suitable for daily use. It said that the moment it touches your skin, it instantly melts onto your face and leaving your skin light and comfortable without that greasy feeling. I got to agree on that. This moisturizer feels good on my skin, absorb instantly and leave my skin hydrated and not oily. All of these skincare have the same scent and by loving this moisturizer the scent is very uplifting and relaxing. It has a "spa" kinda scent that I don;t know how to describe haha. This moisturizer has been my daily moisturizer for now and I have been loving it.

You can purchase and view more Oils of Life Skincare range at The Body Shop Malaysia Online Store. Price starts from RM125.00 - RM199.00 each.
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