I just did it again.

Good thing for me but certainly not good for my wallet. Haha. I am talking about how easy I can shop these days. As a person who prefer to wear pajamas all day. Without have to worry about parking, crowds and walking all around the mall. I choose online shopping. But that is a pretty normal thing right now. Now I am talking about shop through your phone. See something I like while scrolling, click buy. I have start to tell my self to stop buying things for the near moment but I just could not stop my self. Especially when something that is so easy to access and just by a few click I get what I see. Yep, recently I just bought more Washi tape! Blame the sale people! I got a notification to a shop I follow and guess what. They are having 40% off store-wide. Gosh I can't stop my self. I'm gonna show you how easy I get to shop through Shopee. But first :
**Download Shopee app on your phone, search for seller/product type/ Shop!
Here I was looking for some Washi Tape. I saw this one seller so I go to her page. What I love to do it go through all of the product she sells and click the ❤ heart (Like) button. So this will be save in my Like section. Kinda like a wishlist page. So after finish scrolling, I go through my "My Likes" page to see which one O really wanted to buy. I click on each items that I wanted and click "Buy Now". You can also directly chat with the seller if you have questions.
After adding all of the items I want, I can quickly see through what is in my cart to confirm. The I proceed to check out. Of course, I have to love the payment option. I love direct online banking. I find it is safer and faster. They have 3 different payment option which are Credit Card/Debit Card, iPay88 or Manual Bank in Transfer of you don't have access to online payment options.
After that I just confirm my shipping address and place my order. After a few hours, I got my payment as confirm and the next day I got a notification that my order was shipped! All of the details are in the message including my tracking number. Easy kan!

Good thing about Shopee is that the seller won't be able to get your payment unless you receive your product. So worry free of scams and fraud! I find that in Shopee we have many local sellers that offers rare items (which I love) and I find that they are more cheaper than most marketplace. From Beauty, to Fashion, Stationary and many more! They also let seller to hold up Sale for buyers easily. Along the way i can also be a seller easily. I can sell any thing that I don't think I be using anymore or simply open up a shop selling things I would love!
Other than stationary did I mention beauty products? Oh come on. More reason to shop eyh? Haha! There is a store called Wako Beauty. Selling your favorite Korean brand I could say? But wayyyy cheaper!

I got my self the Innisfree mask and the Hyaluronic Acid. They are way cheaper than what I usually saw in other places plus they are authentic products as well. Been wanting to try them for so long! Got a great deal here!

Another store are called Arche Digital. They have this skincare called Luminesce . I got the Youth Restoring Cleanser. They also have the ageless eye cream. Remember the viral video that go all over FB? That eye cream can reduce your eye bag within minute!
You should really check out Shopee. More products that you could ever imagine and they are have greater deal there plus the products are authentic and safe to shop.

Wanna see more? Download the apps now! : Click here
Shop at their web mall link: : Click here
Enjoy 30% OFF with code REALBEAUTY for all beauty and health items from Shopee
- Only valid for the first 100 buyers/Valid till 11th December 2015 (11.59pm)
- Not valid for tickets, vouchers, mobile top-ups and bill payments
- Discount is cap at RM20 only.

- Use the code to shop here: http://mall.shopee.com.my/collections/936/

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  1. wow senangnya.. memang bahaya utk wallet saya juga! :D SERIUS SENANG

  2. Very dangerous to have these apps on our phone because we will keep scrolling through it!!


  3. bahaya ada duit dalam bank yg boleh click2. akan spantas kilat kilik2 juga brg di apps.