Scholl PINK Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Demo & Review

I still remember the time where I don't even think about my foot that much. It was like 20 years ago haha. As I grew up I realize my feetstart to get rough, especially on the heel and on the bottom front part. Well, we all age! My mom used to use this type of "stone" to remove the dead hard skin cell which I find it time consuming and very hard to maintain. Ain't got time for that (meme)! So thanks to the technology we have today, I got the chance to try the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and it is in the Pink limited edition! Ergonomically designed that is easy to use and efficient. No more sore arms I could say. The leading foot care expert Scholl has introduced it latest innovation to help keep your feet smooth and soft easily! 
Now let's see how this product looks like. The handle is ergonomically designed. Firm on the hand and easy to hold on to while using it. Can't tell enough how I love this look in Pink hehe.
Yep! Each device that you buy include with 4 AA Batteries! This type of batteries are easy to find for future replacement!
To remove the roller head, simply push the right side button, this makes cleaning easy. The roller head can be replaced with a new one easily and they are washable too! Everything is so easy lah
The roller head are made from Tiny Microgranules that is gentle on your skin but still able to remove hard dead skin on your feet. As it rotates, it helps to gently remove all that stubborn hard skin effortlessly. I'm surprise how it is not painful at all! It feels good tho, looking at all that dirty skin off your skin. It's kinda satisfying haha. 
You can see some fine "skin flakes" drop as you use this device. As the roller head is easy to remove, this makes cleaning so easy. Just wipe it with a tissue or damp cloth. No let's watch the live demo! Does this thing really work?

This is my before & after picture! I test it first on my feet. I have an average roughness and dryness to my skin. In just a few rolls, I can feel that it remove all of my "hard skin" away easily. It is not painful at all, just maybe some ticklish feeling along the way hehe. What can I say, it is so easy to use and it works on me!
I want to try on a more major skin roughness. I haven't seen anyone do this. So let's test it on my mom's feet. She has a major roughness on her feet. She is one of the people who do take care of her feet but sometimes the stone that she use is too time consuming. She was so excited about this tool. So I tried this on her. It takes a longer time to go all over her feet as she has more roughness, but she mentioned that she barely feel anything when using this express pedi. So a good point there, it is not painful at all. Then I wipe off using a wet wipe. In just one use I can see the difference as what picture shown above. Impressive! Although it is not 100% smooth but I believe in frequent care and use of this tool, you can get your feet smoother. I really recommend this to any of you who are looking for a tool to invest in for your foot care!

This Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Express in Pink retails for RM135.20 each. The roller head refill retails for RM52.30 (2 replacements in one pack). You can purchase this at any Guardian Pharmacies.  Find out more at
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