Dewi Beauty Care 4 in 1 Skincare Review

I'm back for another skincare review that I have tried recently and proud to say its a home grown brand that you need to check out. I never tried these type of skincare before. The one that usually comes in sets. These skincare that you see above is from a brand called Dewi Beauty Care, Formulated for any skin type and targeted to common skin problem we had in Malaysia. Pointing out to the weather we have here in Malaysia which are mostly humid. Claims to give you result in just 3 days.
In each set it comes with a Toner, Facial Soap, Day Cream and Night Cream. They also will give you a Facial Face Scrub for free in this set. The Floral Soap (50gm) helps to removes dirt on your face at the same time leaving your skin moisturize. It said that this soap is formulated using Korea technology which promotes and have great ingredients such as Collagen, Stem Cell and Vitamin C. I store this soap on a small container in my bathroom. It foams up pretty well and what I like about this soap is the scent and how it leaves my skin fresh after washing.
Second step is the Floral Toner (30ml). You can use a cotton pas to apply this toner. It helps to refresh your face and prepare your face This toner also helps to eliminates bacteria on your face. Which a good point where bacteria one of a main reason you get cyst or acne. This toner is not sticky which I like and it is very refreshing
The third step during the day is by using the Day Cream. The Floral Day Cream (10gm) is a very unique cream. It has a mousse texture and it has a tint of color in it. This will help to give you a fairer look without needing and additional makeup like foundation if you don't like wearing it. I love moisturizer that leaves completely matte on your face. Like this Floral Day Cream! It feels light on my skin and along with that this day cream contains SPF 40 sun protection!

The third step during our night routine, you can switch the floral scrub during washing your face earlier and ending it up with the Floral Night Cream (10gm) . This Night cream act as a skin repairer. It helps to repair oily skin, large pores, blackheads and keeping your skin glow. The texture is a bit sticky bit after a few minutes it sets in your skin. It feels like a sleeping mask.
These skincare are formulated with 100% Organic ingredients, and free from chemical ingredients such as Mercury, Hidrokuinon and Plumbum. It is safe to be use for pregnant women and they are KKM certified. It is certainly Halal! So worry free my Muslim friends ;)
I recommend this skin care to you who are looking for a simple skincare as a start. They are pretty small and they can last you for one month. A good trial size for you who interested in trying it! This skincare set retails for RM99.00.
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Contact : 0182620611
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  1. hmm kebetulan tgh cari night cream.. thanks sab!

  2. Sesuai ke untuk kulit muka yang berjerawat?

    1. boleh cuba. this skincare is made for all skin types. sab p dh try product ni, and dia tak berminyak