Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Pack Set & Orchid Enzyme Washing Powder Review

Tried gel cleanser? Cream cleanser? Too harsh on your skin? How about powder cleanser. Best discovery for acne prone skin. Let me introduce to you to a cleanser that I have been trying for the past week that claims to be  one of the best cleanser to combat acne skin. These cleanser and mask are from a Japan brand called Hollywood Cosmetics. First I am going to show you the powder cleanser called the Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme Washing Powder.
It has been said Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme Washing Powder  have been sold more than 6 million units in Tokyo alone. It is a revolutionary washing powder that has been love by them. Developed by a cosmetologist named May Ushiyama. It also said that this powder cleanser is the first ever product to include an ingredient called Proteolytic Enzymes that helps to remove dead skin cells and cleanses out all excess oil glands on your skin deeply and gently which lead to an acne free skin faster. It is a perfect texture for any skin types especially sensitive skin. This cleanser comes in a purple bottle and yes, it comes along with that cute pink foam net that you will need to use together with this cleanser to foam it bubble easily and faster. I don't know if you remember but I once said that the best cleaner for your skin is the one that foams up. Because in this form, it can deeply get into your skin and clean better. Fine bubbles helps to deeply go in your your pores and dirt easily.
It has a fine refreshing scent to it and the powder it self are easy to be taken out. All you need to do it pour some of this powder to the net. Damp the net with some water and foam it up. Within seconds the net starts to foam up. It is so easy! The I just squeeze out the foam to my hand and use this to cleanse my face. If you are wondering, are there any powder left? Not at all, the powder dissolve so finely and foam up. When I wash my face, all I feel is fluffy bubble, So smooth and it cleanse my face quickly without leaving my skin feels dry at all. This cleanser can help to reduce acne in just 1 week! What I notice is that, it helps to reduce my redness just after cleansing my face.
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The second product is this cool Orchid Pack Set. Love the packaging! This has been said to be a mask that is love by celebrities worldwide and one of the best selling mask in Tokyo. This mask pack are safe to use daily. Recommend to people who suffer with acne prone skin as this helps to heal your skin gently. Also contains its unique ingredient called the Proteolytic Enzymes that washes our sebum that trapped deeply in your pores. Hard to reach dirt that clog your pores and make your trouble with acne. Also, this can be use for your body, especially if you have back acne problem. 
These mask are one of the mask I love because it is "freshly activate". What I mean is, you would need to mix two ingredient together in order to use them. Which means freshly made for you to use. Not the one that is packed inside a tube for who knows how long. The small rounded bottle contains the powder and the tube looking packaging is the cream. The bottom of the powder bottle is actually a bowl. Super cute! So let start mixing this up.
Pour in about 1-2 table spoon in to the bowl. There is an instruction on the back of the box but it is written in Japanese. But I got some info there are actually an amount you need to follow. 3 spoon for Oily skin, 2 spoon for Normal (which I use), 1 spoon for Dry skin and 1/2 spoon for sensitive skin. But I just eyeball on the amount until I get it to become like a paste. So I pour some in to the bowl(approx 2 spoon), and squeeze in some cream in it. I mix it up using the spatula that they provide until it comes like a paste. This mask has a similar scent to the washing powder. 
This is how the mask looks like. I just use the spatula to distribute the mask all over my face. It is easy to distribute and there is no messy falling off my face.
What is my thoughts? I freaking love this mask. It does not sting my eye like some mas pack I use to experience with (the one that helps to combat acne problem usually have too much minty feeling). This one is just nice, not too minty, not to drying.I use this mask for 20 minutes. It starts to fade after 10-15 minutes as you can see from the picture above. The result in just one use are incredible. Look closely. My skin has less pores and redness is reduce. I am not even joking. It feel s good on my skin. Both of these products works great together! Recommend if you are looking for a cleanser and skin treatment for your acne skin. If gel cleanser and cream cleanser are too harsh, maybe this will work for you. The Washing powder retail around RM245.00 and the mask pack set retails around RM185.00.

More info & order go to : https://www.facebook.com/Confetti-Japan-1755210691370678/
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