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Look at your calendar now? What date is today? Its 11.11! How cool is that! haha! and what another cool thing I wanna share today? It is Shopee Mega 11.11 Sale! Ok calm down, let me give you a brief on what going on. Starting now 11am till 11pm today there will be massive promotions and discounts to all of your favorite items! You name it! Shoes, both men & women clothing, beauty product (squeals!) and many more. Crazy Discount for today! 

So what time is it again? 11am? So what is the promotion going on right now? Enjoy RM20 off for that show that you have been eyeing on! Oh yeah. Simply use the code as displayed. These promotions are valid for only one hour at a time. After the times goes out, there will be another new promotions.
What's next? Here is a sneak peek : Oh yeah! clothing!
Want to know more? You are lucky to be here because I got all of the insider news! Check all of the discount below!
A lot of things I'm aiming right now. They have discount for kids stuff too. I wish I know my baby gender so I can buy some toys in advance haha. Looking forward for the beauty products and home furniture too! Use these code listed above to enjoy the promotions ok!
What is Shopee?
Everyone has these situations. There were times were something we just don't use anymore right. Something we call pre-loved I must say? Rather than posting it out of no where with only your friends to see, Shopee is a mobile marketplace where you can buy and sell things to everyone easily! You can enjoy fast, smooth and safe transaction without having to worry about anything. You never know that you can turn your old un-worn stuff to some cold hard cash haha! Anytime and anywhere. Here is a glance on how the apps looks like.

You can insert your product image easily, and also put in some details to explain about it. If you are a buyer, you can check them easily too. You can also communicate with the seller without having to wait for your "PM" to be reply. haha. Shopee Guarantee that payment is sent to the sellers only after buyers receive their purchases. So worry free! This app are completely FREE with no hidden charges.

So what are you waiting for? Shop naaawwww!

Go to : Shopee
Download on your mobile now
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1 comment

  1. Omg you're pregnant? I just knew that! Awwww, congratulations! Will check out this app too for sure, thanks!