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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡ . Happy Tuesday! Today i am going to share with you my top 15 picks of my personal favorite from the YouTube channel! I wanna do top 5 but I just have too many so I increase it to 15. These are my favorite and finds from 2013. These are also the YouTuber I would put as my mentor and inspiration to my future plan, YouTube video!  Hope you would find this helpful and subscribe to more cool channels that I recommend to you!

1. Zoella
Hands down, Zoella. Other than a favorite blogger of mine, when she uploads, I am excited. I don't know. I just love her personality, her accent, the way she edit her video and just herself! She put effort in producing a high quality and well edited video, as well as her blog. Her pictures are amazing and just well presented. I am much inspire from her! She puts random things in her blog mainly about her. From hauls to fashion to beauty and other fun videos. I wish I can meet her one day!

2. missglamorazzi
One of my favorite Beauty Guru on YouTube. Again, I love how she edit her videos, straight forward, fun, and just amazing! She is so bubbly and cute! She always shows her favorite and tips and tricks on makeup. I love her Get Ready with me videos and one of my favorite is this below video. She also loves to cook and love love love her simple cooking video! I watch it like 10x!

3. Rosanna Pansino
First impression. Nawwwww. She is freaking adorable! Nerdy Nummies! She always makes me smile and she have the simplest tip in baking. Her creations are cute and she loves gaming like I do! All I can say is, she's cute! Love her videos!

4. Evalina
Just got to adore this Russian girl to her amazeballs talent. Her video is top notch quality and I love her DIYs too! Her video is just fun to watch with all the effects and everything. Its surreal! I love when she had her hair pink. So cute! and not to mention her Scottish fold cat!

5. clothesencounters
Aaaa her voice! It is so sexy! hehe, I wish I have a voice like that. We weee. I subscribe to her even since she make YouTube video with Sarah. They used to do videos together but then Sarah have to move out for some study/work purposes. So Jenn took over the channel and continue making video. Love Jenn so much and her fashion sense are off the top. She uses clothes from her finds in the thrift shop too. She is freaking creative when it comes to fashion and makes thrift shop items look like a thousand dollar clothes. Check her out if you love street style fashion.

6. Boat People Vintage
A cool awesome DIY's video channel. Someone who I will look up for my future video. I love the simplicity of they video. Easy to understand and its so vintage! I would call it an indie type of video. I just love their video, i.. just.. LOVE IT!

7. Ann Le
Another channel that I will look up to her as a inspiration for DIY's, its Ann Lee or well known for her name Anneorshine! Love her creations and DIY's from Beauty to Fashion to Crafty stuff. She is also so cheerful and beautiful! Her video are also superb quality!

8. nigahiga
One of a YouTuber who always risk his life to make video. Naaah! Haha, he always make fun stuns in his video. Super hilarious and I also love when he collaborated with his friends. All I can say is he always makes me laugh and smile! He is super funnaaaayyyyy!

9. Sprinkleofchatter
Who does not love Sprikle of Glitter aka to her VLOGs channel Sprinkle of Chatter! I love when Darcy is in the video. Oh Darcy! She is Louise daughter. She is so adorable and I can cry because of just saying Nawwwwww so cute! Louise are also Zoella best friends and I think they live nearby! hehe.

10. StilaBabe09
Who does not know her? I think she is popular among teens and yeay.. me who is not a teen..... mihmihmih.... I first found her video when I saw a video on How to be Katy Perry for Halloween and from that I fell in love with her video. She is super adorable and pretty and funny!

11. ThatsHeart
This mix face girl who reminds me a bit like missglomorazi. I also lover her get ready video makeup and she is super bubble and cheerful! 

12. lilisimply
I follow her since years ago. She is so pretty and her boyfriend who just proposed to her look like a mini Bruno mars. Love her Korean hauls and fashion haul!

13. Michele Phan
Who does not know Michelle Phan! Super quality video and her videos is straight forward and easy to follow. She does not really have a chatting/rambling video like most beauty guru have. If she want to make a makeup tutorial, that what you get!

14. beautycrush
Her accent! She reminds me of the cute rihanah version especially when she was with her ex that looks like Chris Brown. Her video are also top notch and simple. 

15. Anna Akana 
Just discover her. She is super funny and just true to herself! There is still a lot of "parental guidance" word in her video but it is totally fun to watch!

Hope this help you find your new favorites!
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  1. I looove missglamorazzi & beautycrush sooo much, two of my faves :)

  2. Zoella, Miss Glamorazzi, Evalina Berry, That's Heart, Clothes Encounter and Beauty Crush semua tu pun favourite i gak!! heheh seronok kan tgk video diorg, hari2 i mesti tgk youtube nk tgk diorg ade upload tak. hihi mcm best je nak buat gak la! :P

    1. omg byk samaaa! love love love! eh buat buat! who know i will find a new favorite from you! <3 kan.. i ngaku stalk dieorg sbb just adoreeee them!

  3. love this post!now i have to subscribe few more gurus.Actually I love to watch michelle phan's video cuz her boyfriend is sooo good looking.hehe...Btw sabrina today is tuesday not monday ;)

    1. Michelle Phan bf is like a living Ken doll. So perfect! haha! I think he is like good in every angle. omg! i just realize that because i was typing this yesterday! haha will correct it right away! thanks hun!

  4. Hi Sabrina! I suke gile bace blog u, i was your silent reader and oso ur big fan kat IG =) =) If u dun mind, pls follow me at =)

    1. Hi PwettyPearl! Aww.. Y you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

  5. wah~ thanks for sharing this list! I only subscribe to Michelle Phan before so this is gonn abe fun! hehe It's always awesome discovering new good YouTubers.
    xx, Mira

  6. bez kan tgk video2 dorang? maybe u bleh try tgk video essiebutton..sangat suka tutorial dia sbb dia xsuka heavy makeup :)

  7. smua youtuber ni bez3 n sangat kreatif..maybe u bleh try tgk video essiebutton..suka sangat dia sbb makeup tutorial dia simple n dia sangat kelakar n comel..haha

  8. bez kan tgk video2 dorang? maybe u bleh try tgk video essiebutton..sangat suka tutorial dia sbb dia xsuka heavy makeup :)

    1. ya esseibutton. its missglamorazzi favorite. hehe...

  9. Dalam 15 tu cuma 3 je pernah tengok. Yang lain tu dah tahu tapi tak tengok lagi dan ada juga yang baru tahu. Hahahahaha. :D

  10. homaigod banyaknya new finds! i selama ni tengok Bethany Mota (macbarbie07) dengan Maryam Maquillage je. time to browse all your favourites!

  11. You should check out ItsJudysLife if you haven't. Her family vlog is adorable and she is about to pop out twins!

    1. ya.. i know her too. her first daughter, Juliana Bear is just adorable!! she and her husband are such a cute couple!


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