Where is my GFC Follower Gadget?


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡ Okay. So I am in a mood on some blogging and I thought I wanna do more Blogging Tips post, because I find it helped some of you and that makes me happy. To my recent tutorial on How to make a box in blogpost have help you guys I though I wanna share this tips to some of you who have asked. I sometimes get questions on "Where is my GFC Follow Gadget"? Since blogger dashboard have been change its layout and promoting the Google+ thingy that I don't really fancy, they have been kinda "hide" this features. Well, when I started blogging, GFC Follower gadgets is really fun. It shows that people is interested in your blog. haha. Really? My thoughts. I really take a full effort to gain till what I have now, and then Google wanna close it down? I am pretty sad to hear that. I don't know about the rumor, but luckily the GFC Follower is still there counting numbers. So some of you may have this problem on where can I find it, or where did it go because I saw some of you did not install it may be because you don't want it or you don't know where it goes. So if you are the person who don't know where it goes and wanting the gadget to be there in you blog. Here is how to allocate :


STEP 1 : Go to your Dashboard > (On the left side) Go to Layout > Click Add Gadget
Then you will see a small window or probably a new tab to this option. Click to More Gadget

STEP 2 : Scroll till the last part and you will find your GFC Follower gadget hiding down there. Click the Add button. And now you have it. How easy is that?

So basically GFC Follower is a gadget where you can follow your blog in blogger platform, and it help to update the blog that you follow in your dashboard which I really like and find very helpful. Hope this also find you helpful and stay tune for more Blogging Tips or come over here for more beauty stuff and random personal stuff I would love to share!

Haba Haba. Oh hello. Ok bye.

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  1. Thank you for tips! Please make more of this type of post, I really enjoy them and it helped me tremendously since I'm still very new to blogging :)

  2. SAB! i have been meaning to ask you about this...are you a mind reader or something. Been searching for it high and low but ended up having the Google+ follower instead. Thank you THANK YOU! mwahss xxx

  3. When the words are going around about google shutting down the GFC, I signed up for bloglovin. Really made blog reading (and stalking) easier. I dunno if you have bloglovin, but I'd totally recommend it! :D

    x Kiwa

    1. i have blog loving but did not have the time to really use it properly. :(

  4. Thank you very much for the tip! I finally added it :)
    Have a nice day!

  5. hello i happened to stumble across your blog and it really inspired me to want to make my blog cooler because i love your content and the layout of it. Good job and thank you :)