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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡ . I swear that ZA is one of my favorite skincare when I finish my school. I kinda save some money and bought the whole set of this ZA True White Range. i bought the Cleanser, Toner and Emulsion. By far it really helps to keep my skin brighter and clear. Last week ZA kinda re-launch this range and called it the ZA True White Ex consist of 6 different products. The event were held at The Gardens, Alexis. Ya know the famous for the Pavlova. Why I sound so hip hop now? Geeshz.

The place were decorated with a lot of jars filled with marshmallow. I wish i can have one jar. Haha. Also, the event featuring to their star product that is the essence. The star of the skin care range.

Introduction. This series targeted to the women out there who wants fair, clear and soft skin. Consist of 6 different product that easy to use. This skincare range also claims to fight dark spots, acne mark and blemishes. What special about this product are they contains ingredient such as Whitening Ingredient that inhibits melanin formation as well as even out your skin tone from dark spot and blemishes. The second special ingredient are the Spa Water that highly moisturize your skin in a longer period of time.

The Spa Ingredient. One of it are Natural Hot Spring Water that was located in Italy. It contains high quality of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The second one is Pearl Extract. The pearl protein contain antioxidant that help to prevent ageing, refine skin texture and whitening effect. The last one is White Lily Extract. That is rich in amino acids which have excellent moisturizing effect. It also can provide moisture, whitening and it helps to re-textured the skin.

Za True White Ex Cleansing Foam
The first step in every skincare routine. Cleanse. Featuring the ZA True White Ex Cleansing Foam. Claims to be a cleanser that is gentle on the skin as well as removes the dead corneal cells that contains melanin. It lather and it gives you this cushioning effect.

Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay
Acts just like a cleanser but recommend to be use twice a week as a exfoliate. It helps to remove clogged pores and keratin that contains melanin. 

Za True White Ex Toner
The second step after cleansing. The toner. This toner claims to help your skin look translucent and hydrated. It gives you a refreshing sensation after using it.

Za True White Ex Day Cream SPF20 PA++
The third step! Day cream and it does contains sun protection of SPF 20+. It claims to be a "non-heavy" moisturizer and you will feel fresh and comfortable all day long!

Za True White Ex Night Cream
The third step for night time. Let the goodness flow on your skin while you are sleeping. USe this cream at night and you will feel moisturize and have that translucent skin in the morning. It is lightweight and does not make you feel uncomfortable to its stickiness.

Za True White Ex Essence Lotion
The star product of this range. The essence Lotion. It is formulated with Triple Whitening Ingredient such as 4MSK and Vitamin C essence. It has a thick liquid that hydrates and give you translucent skin! Also claims all you need is this lotion, no need of other essence! You can use this before moisturizer. It also contains Hydrolytic Pearl protein extract and Pinctada Fucata a Akoya Pearl Oyster that have high effect on anti aging, skin texture and whitening purposes.

Za True White Ex Cleansing Foam 100g - RM19.90
Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay 100g - RM24.90
Za True White Ex Toner 150ml - RM39.90
Za True White Ex Day Cream SPF20 PA++ 40g - RM49.90
Za True White Ex Night Cream 40g - RM49.90
Za True White Ex Essence Lotion 150ml - RM54.90

Availability : March 2014 on wards at all participating pharmacies that carries ZA products.

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  1. taktau kenapa tapi tengok this range, white color, rasa feminin kemain XD