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I find that bringing too much cash when I go window shopping can leave me feeling uncomfortable. Also, I have a hard time budgeting how much cash should I withdraw everytime I wanna do some shopping. I find that I use my debit card a lot as I have maximum use of how much I have and it is easy and fast. I love the new feature that my card has, which is Visa payWave. It is a fast and secure way to make my purchase a hassle-free shopping experience. 

I find it very convenient and I use Visa payWave a lot when I dine in at quick service restaurants such as McDonald’s. It takes just a few seconds to complete my payment and this helps with the queuing line that McDonald’s always has. As a mom, I always have my hands full with stuff to carry and also my clingy son who always wanted me to hold him, rather than having me to key in my PIN or trying to search and calculate the cash I need to pay at the counter, all I need is to just tap my card on the machine. Sounds simple but you will understand me when you have a small infant with you, Haha!

I can also keep track of all of my transactions online to see what I have spent during the month for my personal financial management.
How do I use my Visa payWave Card?
After all of your items have been scanned for total purchase, check if Visa payWave is available at Cashier counter. Usually, there will be a Visa payWave logo at the card machine.
Let the cashier know that you would like to pay via your Visa payWave Card. Then simply hold your card over the Reader (within 4cm) where the wave icon is displayed.
3. GO
A green light will appear showing that your transaction is completed and successful. Do ask for the receipt for your recording purposes.

There will no PIN required for transactions below RM250. How convenient! 
Here are some of the listed shops that have Visa payWave payment machine.

So have you tried it? I have been using it since it was introduced to me. It is fast and easy!

Here is the list of where you can get Visa payWave card feature:

More info check out this link here:
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