IN2IT BB 24 Hour 5 In 1 Make-Up Cream First Impression, Test & Review

Hello, everyone! I just settle down for a bit with my moving process.  also got a new lighting for my video! Yay! *pops confetti*. I was so excited and I decide to do a little review on this new BB Make-Up Cream that I found out recently. It is from IN2IT and it is called the BB Cream 24 hours 5 in One Makeup. Watch my video below for my first impression and how it really performs on my skin.

It comes in 2 shades. Natural & Flesh. I went for Flesh shade in the video as I find the yellow undertone in it matches my skin perfectly. Why 5 in 1? This BB Make-Up Cream is amazing! It can be your Foundation as this has full coverage just like a foundation will give you. But at the same time, it won't leave your face looking cakey and it blends so nicely on to the skin.You will no need to prep your skin with a base or primer as this also comes with that benefit. It can also be your Makeup Base & Primer as this smoothes pores and control sebum. It is also infused with Vitamin E, Olive Derivatives, and Aloe Vera. Due to its amazing coverage, this can also be your concealer. If you watched my video, it really covers my redness and spots. Lastly, it can be your Sun Protection as this BB Make-Up Cream comes in sun protection of SPF50+. Protecting your skin from harmful UV Rays.
Here is a before & after image after using the IN2IT BB Make-Up Cream. I love the texture of the BB Make-Up Cream. It is not too thick or too light. It blends so nicely on to the skin and the coverage is buildable.

After applying the BB Make-Up Cream I set it with the loose powder that it came with the introduction pack. This loose powder comes in 1 shade that is so natural and can suit any skin tone. The texture of the loose powder is very fine and most likely reminds me of a translucent powder. Does not leave any white cast effect but kind of really blends into the natural skin-tone. It comes in a jar and also comes with a puff.
From the image above you can see that the loose powder really has a natural finish. It sets my makeup and leaves my skin feels comfortable and matte. Usually, the loose powder comes in a huge jar but I kinda adore and appreciate how compact this loose powder is. Very travel-friendly! Love the pink lid too hehe. I have dry skin so I don't really touch up during the day. If you have oily skin, you ca keep this in your bag for touch up. This loose powder absorb excess oil and mattifies your face leaving your skin feeling comfortable.
I hope you enjoy my review on this BB Make-Up Cream. I really recommend this BB Make-Up Cream to you if you love something that is quick, full coverage but still, gives you a natural finish. The price is affordable too! Get yourself the introduction pack where only retails for RM37.90 and you will get a free Loose Powder.
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  1. interesting product :) I do noticed IN2IT always do this kind of promotion or value pack for free item in their packaging..

  2. Does the bb cream break you out, csuse pimples ? Also. Can u pls review the In2it BB whip ....thanks, Kak Najah