January 2016 Favorites

It's been a while I know. Well better have it back then not having it back! It's my Monthly Favorites again where I show you on what I have been loving for the past month! I have quite back on my feet, there has been a an improvement in my recovery since the 1st trimester I have been facing. Sickness and not feeling very well. But oh hey, let see what I have been loving.

1. The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream
My current day moisturizer. Love this cream so much! I have review the whole range before and you can check it out here. I love this moisturizer, it's hydrating, it feels so nice on my skin, my skin does not feels dry and it does not feel sticky at all. Also I found that it has been a very good moisturizer to be worn under makeup. It holds up my foundation pretty well and the cream are just so easy to blend on my face. Love this!

2. Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist
The only scent I can wear while pregnant. i am not even joking. I have been very sensitive towards smells since I got pregnant. I hate most of my perfume. Not really hate but sniffing them makes me nausea and dizzy. I once told you guys that this body mist is not strong enough. But since I got pregnant, this is the only scent I have been wearing and I can bare. So hey, I almost finish this out and now I am worried. Where can I re purchase this! Grr! Superdrug are not available to be shipped to Malaysia. But they ship to Singapore. How ironic!'

3. NYX "butt naked" Underneath It All Palette
I got this palette for my birthday from my mom. The whole December I have been away from home and currently continuing to the January now I'm back, I have been reaching for this palette over and over again. I love the shades it have in this palette. It is not something I usually have in my makeup stash. The pigmentation is amazing and I just love it!

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
This is by far the best face primer I ever had! I always get compliment on how my foundation looks great and smooth. It does not clog my pores, glides smoothly on my face and makes my makeup application easy. This is the sample size, I might considering buying the full size later this year. I recommend this primer!

5. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
My Lash Sensational from Maybelline has dried up and I continue using this one. I love this mascara so much. Love the volumizing effect and how it makes my lower lashes long and thick. It is like what it says, Miss Manga. I love thick lashes and this mascara does it all. 
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  1. Morning sickness and sensitive to scents.. I saw how my sis in-law suffered these two horribly before. Kesian tgk!
    I wonder some online stores ship to SG but to our country. Why? Lotte World, why??
    Ah~ another palette to look out for! Have you reviewed this? Is there a lot of mattes?
    Heard a lot of great things about that Smashbox primer too. Will check it out in Sephora later.
    Miss Manga vs Lash Sensational. Which one is better for volume?

    Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.my/

    1. yep :( i can only bare the scent of zoella mist. there are a few mattes, will do a review on it soon! i might say, miss manga has more volume :D