Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette Review


It's about time for me to pour my thoughts on this palette. It is one of my most reach eye shadow palette and I did not have a single regret of buying this. This is the Natural Eye Palette from Too Faced that was launch in 2009. They have others options such as the Cat's Eyes, Matte and many more. When it first came out, it comes in a cardboard box. Now all of their Eye's Palette are redesigned and they comes in a tin like packaging. I bought mine during last year Private Sephora Sale here in Johor Sephora outlets in JBCC. They retails for RM129.00 before the 20% discount. 
This Palette comes in 9 shades. 3 of them are larger than the others. They did this maybe because the larger pans are recommended to be use as a all other shade and you might use it more than the other 6 shades. I love the lace detailing design on this palette, the size are just nice and great for travelling. In each box, it also came with a "manual" or a recommended looks you can do with the shades in the palette. I did really use the manual that much as I just go along with what shade I would like to use when I grab this palette. This palette also has a mirror, pretty handy. 
In this palette they have shimmer, glitter and also matte. All of the shades in this palette are super pigmented, buttery and smooth. On the palette it self also were categorize in a horizontal design on the combinations of shade you can wear during the Day, something Classic or Fashion. From Left to Right. Heaven is a matte white shade with a bit of a warm/yellow undertone to it. I usually use this color to highlight my brow bone. Cashmere Bunny is a matte soft brown shade that I usually use as a transaction shade on my crease. Sexpresso is an another matte shade, a dark brown shade with more of a taupe tone in it. I like to use this to deepen out my creams on the outer part of my lid and also use it on my outer lower lash for that eyeliner shadow effect. Silk Teddy is a soft champagne shade that for me is a dupe for Urban Decay Sin or Stila Kitten. I love this shade so much and I love to use this on all over my lid. Push-Up is another favorite of mine in this palette, a shimmery pinky champagne shade, great for an all over the lid shadow or pair this with Silk Teddy on the outer part of the lid. Erotica is a shimmer with a bit more fine chunk of gold glitter. A dark brown shade with a moss dirt green undertone. I love to use this on the outer part of my lid and deepen out my crease. Nudie is another matte shade. Pretty close to Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow but has a more grey undertone to it. I love to use this to contour my nose. Honey Pot is just a true shimmery gold, a dupe for Half Baked Urban Decay Eyeshdow color but maybe, Half Baked are more pigmented and creamy. Chocolate Martini is another shimmery shade with a fine chuck of gold glitter in it. It is a dark brown with a hit of gold shimmer in it. Best used for outer crease.
I did not use any eye primer when I have this. They last very long on my lid and they stay put. I really recommend this palette especially for beginners. One of the most affordable eyeshadow palette in Sephora I could say and they last for a long time. You can get this at Sephora outlets nationwide, as for now they retails for RM129.00 each. Also available online at Sephora Malaysia -
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  1. The colours are so beautiful! Wish-listed! It's roughly about RM15 per colour so I guess that's not so bad!
    Need to save money for this!

  2. warna2 selamat ni best. pakai je time apa2 event pun. time kerja pun okay. tone adik bradik brown ni memang sesuai

  3. Nice! i need your opinion on Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as well! kena menabung lah i guess XD

    1. yesss that palette! hopefully it will be in malaysia soon! <3