3CE Cream Blusher Review

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Can't get enough with creamy makeup products. I bought these two cream blushes a few months ago and has fun playing around and experiment it. One I bought from Luxola during the sale and one more I bought it at Hermo. You can get 3CE products literally everywhere now. Sephora got it too but I'm not sure if they have these. I got two shades. #New Pink and #Coral Coral. What different between cream blush and a normal powder blush is that they can provide you more pigmentation and long lasting effect. But it is pretty hard to control and use sometimes. They aren't convenient as powder blush. Also from my opinion, cream blush can be a "primer" or a base for your powder blush. This way blush can stay longer through out the day. These cream blusher from 3CE are describe as a creamy type of blush with silky texture. They are long-lasting, and has delicate shine that adds liveliness to your cheeks. Cream blush are also perfect if you wanna go for that dewy no powder look!

My thoughts & Review. It is one of the best cream blush I have ever use. Love how it comes in a tube. Which are more hygienic and easy to control how much product I want. Both color actually does not suits me. Since I have yellow skin tone, I don;t know the #Coral Coral orange tone looks weird on and and the #New Pink looks too pale n me, So what I do it, I mix both colors and they look pretty similar to the shade #Baby Peach. Which I plan to buy it but thinking about it, I don;t think I need it since I can mix my own shade with both of these colors. It is creamy and the pigmentation are easy to control. They do not dry up and they stay pretty long on my cheeks. Pretty much longer than my usual powder blush and they are pretty hydrating. Each cream blush comes in a box. They look so cute! I recommend this blush but it is not one of the product that I reach for everyday because it is not convenient as a powder blush. I would basically need to mix the color first at the back of my hand and use it. Then I will need to do some washing. Pretty inconvenient for me especially when I am late. This can also be use after foundation. Top it off with your favorite face powder and use another powder blush for that long lasting effect.

How you can use this. I basically use my finger tips. By dotting a few around my cheeks and blend it it. If it is too much, I will just take my Stippling brush or flat top brush to diffuse it and make it looks more natural. You can also use a beauty blender to blend it in.

You can get 3CE products at Hermo, Luxola, Sephora and many more online stores. They retails around RM59.00+ each. Beware of fake 3CE products! They are out there! :/
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