My current skin condition | Physiogel Skincare Journey

I want to talk more about my skin. I hope if you have the same situation as I do, I might be able to help you out. Who knows, the skincare you have been looking for could be these products that I have tested out.

There is a lot of fancy skincare products out there -. I totally understand! It’s hard to differentiate what is good just by looking at the price tag. So I wanted to try something more serious. A dermatologist-tested skincare that is tailored made for sensitive skin needs. I get a lot of emails asking me what skincare is best for sensitive skin, so I am aware that there are a lot of you are suffering from dry and sensitive skin.
I live in Malaysia. It is a country with hot and humid weather. Since I am a working from home, I rarely expose my skin to the sun. I initially have less sensitive skin actually, but my skin is always prone to dryness and started becoming sensitive when I got pregnant. I assumed that it was because I don't like to drink a lot of water, plain water to be exact. I am always spending my whole day in my air-conditioned room. Also since I got pregnant, I might say that my skin has changed a lot. It is more sensitive and lacks hydration. It could be a symptom you know, because in a nutshell, I am sharing my body’s nutrients with my baby! My skin is weak and I barely have the time to look after it properly. It has been a week since I started using this super simple Physiogel skincare routine. As you can see from my previous post which explains about Physiogel’s Biomimic Technology(you can read it here - link). It is just a 1-2 step routine for both day and night.

As for my thoughts on this Physiogel Calming Relief facialproducts,they are easy to use and yesthey really hydrate my skin. I am not even joking. I canfeel my skin is "plump" and hydrated even if I rinse my face with water - I noticed this after I took my wudhu' (the simple water rinse routine where Muslim do before prayers). When my skin is well-hydrated, my skin has fewer tendencies to showlarge pores and itchiness (redness). So even when I am outdoors, even if I am sweaty, I am less likely to feel uncomfortable in my own skin
I have used this skincare for a week plus now. So far I might say, I love my skin. I love the fact that it is hydrated and my pores are pretty much reduced. You can see how my skin reflects the light! Natural strobbing hehe. And yes, my redness has reduced too, mostly on the chin area. Will give it more time and sum up my final thoughts in my next last post which will conclude my 14 days challenge using this Calming Relief skincare range by Physiogel. Stay tuned for the full reveal!
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