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Hi guys! Yay for another video? Today I will be showing you on how to wear sheet mask properly. There are many ways but this is my own suggestion and this is what I usually do when I want to pamper my skin using a sheet mask. As you know sheet mask is a very popular skincare product in Korea. There are tons of sheet mask in the market and there are tons of variants you can choose from. I also ave a lot of questions on when to wear it, how to wear it,  and stuff like that. As sheet mask is an additional product in your skincare regime. As it takes about 15-20 minutes to be use, sometime we did have the chance to wear it. So if you have the chance, you can use it to up your skincare regime game to give your skin a more love and treatment. So watch my video below on how I wear my sheet mask featuring this cool sheet mask I tried recently from My Secrets of Beauty (MSB Beauty)!

Each box you will get 7pcs of mask, with a mixture of their signature mask which is the (THREE) Hydrating, (TWO) Brightening and Firming & (TWO) Anti Aging. Look at how cute the mask is! First impression, cuteness! Checked! This way you can change to different types of variants through out the week to give you skin some extra pampering in a different type of treatment. All mask are suitable for all skin types.
All MBS mask are formulated in France. The sheet mask is pack between 2 protective layer. It preserve and store all the essence that you will get when using the mask. The mask is made out of ultra thin and transparent silk that fits on to your skin perfectly without having the essence on the mask dripping off. This way also, it helps to penetrates and absorb much more better at the same time giving your skin to breath making wearing this mask relaxing and comfortable. It is safe to use daily. Switch between all these 3 mask from one day to another to give your skin better treatment.

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The Hydrating Mask. To give your skin boost of moisture and nourishing your skin. This mask contains small molecule technology that can rapidly penetrates to your skin for that better absorption. Not only its moisturize, it also repairs and replenish your skin with the essential nutrients for the skin. I have tried this mask and my thoughts on it is that it leaves my skin feel purified. My skin feels so cooling and hydrated. The essence does not feels sticky at all, all I do is just massage in any extra essence that the mask leaves out when I have peel of this mask. One f my favorite as I have dry skin! This can be use for any skin type but best for days when you feel your skin is dry or dull.
The Brightening Mask. This mask is enriched with skin whitening properties that helps to treat existing pigmentation and at the same time preventing from any pigmentation to appear. It also helps to minimize skin dullness, dark skin tone and improve your skin metabolism and repair damaged tissue. This is your answer to that nasty dark spot! Especially if you are wearing hijab, you may notice an uneven skintone, this mask will help even out those dark damaged skin. With a good continuous usage of this mask, you can notice a huge difference. My second favorite as I love brightening products. This mask leaves my skin looks glowy and hydrated. It gave me this nice translucent glow to my skin, and this is best to be use for any skin types of if you having a day where you feel your skin looks dull and dark!
The Firming & Anti-Aging Mask. Indeed a must especially me who are now near to the 30's hehe. This mask helps to replenish your natural collagen production in your skin. Collagen helps to keep your skin plum and young. Just like babies! It also whitens, cleanses and moisturize your skin and overall giving your skin the right elasticity that your need. My thoughts on this mask is that I feel my skin is a bit plummer and firm. The essence also absorb fast and gives my skin a bit of a hydration boost. Will need to use this mask more! You can also drag the essence that the mask left out down to your neck for that extra care. Your neck are also important in terms of aging care because that is where it starts!

I hope you find my video and post helpful! Now if you have a lot of dilemma on what sheet mask to get, get the whole box of the My Secrets of Beauty mask! They contains all the treatment your skin needs. 7 pcs, a week of pampering and see your skin change. Sheet mask is optional, but essential, give your skin some extra love!

More Info and shop/order go to below links! (All mask will be available from 1 March 2016 onwards)
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  1. I always have a problem with sheet masks because of it's size that always slides off my face. But it is perfect for travelling rather than brought a pot of mask. Nice post kak Sabrina. x

  2. I really love the faith in face mask and I believe it have 2 protective layer too ^^ lovely video btw sis!