B.Liv Off With Those Heads & Deep Impact Review

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Even though I have dry to normal skin type, I also have problems with my pores. This product has been around in the market for quite sometimes and I have been wanting to try it for so long especially the Off With Those Heads which is a blackhead sebum gel. I have clogged pores usually around my nose and my nose. Here I got the Deep Impact, a deep cleanser & massage emulsion. Another one is a sebum gel which I just mention before, the Off with Those heads! Off you go! I mean the black heads, not you.

I tried these product last month and thought of post my thoughts on it. First is to use the cleanser. The Deep Impact. It said to be the secret to that porcelain complexion, This cleanser is best use in massage motions. It deeply cleanse your skin and at the same time it exfoliates your skin gently. It is formulated with 100% pure natural Jojoba beads. Which is the small beads you see in the cleanser I shown you above. It said that these beads are a small spheres bead that has no sharp edges and would not leave any micro-lacerations on your skin. Which you massage this on your skin it will dissolves finely and would be a protective layer to your skin.

B.Liv Deep Impact Cleanser
The key ingredient to this cleanser is Kaolin, a natural clay mineral taht heps to absorb excess oil on your face. Jojoba Beads, the sphere beads that I mention and this helps to make your skin healtier, removes dead skin cell and glowing. Witch Hazel, also reduce the excess oil of your face also as it natural benefits I have mention so many times in my previous post, witch hazel helps on reducing your pores. Aloe Vera, act as a anti-inflammatory properties and helps to heal wound. It also helps to moisturize your skin. Lastly is Tea Tree, acts as an antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant that also helps to reduce your blemishes.

This cleanser has a thick creamy texture, I damp my face first before using this and I squeeze out about 4cm of this and massage it straight on to my face. It does not foams up but it is creamy enough to easily massage on to my face easy and nicely feel. the beads does not cause harshness to my skin. After a while, I rinse it off with water and pat dry with clean towel. I love how this cleanser does not make my skin feel tight although it acts like an exfoliate, it leaves a cooling sensation to my face. My skin does feels smooth but of course, don;t leave it there. Top it off with you next skincare routine which is the toner and moisturizer. In this case I am trying the sebum next. So after using this I use the sebum on my nose and the cheeks around the side of my nose.

B.Liv Off With Those Heads
Specially made to combat blackheads. Blackheads are the clogged black spots in your pores that sometimes you can squeeze out and it is disgusting. If you squeeze it too hard it might leave a scar or redness to your face. So this sebum is made to combat those clogged pores naturally and safely. The Off with Those Heads helps to soften the clog pores naturally and said the result can be seen within 14 days. It has a bio-technological formulation that is formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel Extract and Aoe Vera. Also it has a powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which also helps preventing those clogged pores becomes an acne. This sebum is recommend to be use on areas where you have pore problem such as your T-Zone and side of your nose. I did not use this all over my face, I just use it on my nose and on the side of my nose where I usually get clogged pores.

It comes in a plastic pump bottle. You just need a pea size amount of this sebum gel. I squeeze out a pea size amount on my finger, rub it in a bit and massage it on my nose and on the side of my nose. It gives me a cooling sensation which I love and on my first use I can feel my nose is a bit softer. I have been sing this for a week and I can see a changes on the texture of my nose. It is softer and less whiteheads appeared on my nose. I use this on both routine after cleansing my face. and after using this I continue using my moisturizer which I will apply on the other parts of my face. this is a great additional product in your skincare especially if you want a product targeted to combat your pore problem. One thing I realize is that I can't use this serum everyday. It drieds out the side of my nose. It does makes my nose (the front part) softer, but it dries up on the side part. Might use this carefully on just the pores area.

All B.Liv products can be purchase at participating Watsons (exclusive sets) and SaSa Malaysia outlets. The Deep Impact retails for RM65.00 (50ml) each, The Off with Those head retails for RM145,00 (30ml) each.
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