L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer Review

One of the most raved drugstore price concealer and it is the LA. Girl Pro Concealer. Comes in wide options of shades. As I know they have 24 shades to choose from. We don't have LA. Girl here in Malaysia. This is a US brand and they cost around 5 dollar over there. I got mine through eBay. They are many sellers selling this over there. You can just search hashtag like #sayajuallaconcealer or #sayajualmakeup all that sorts of hashtag that can lead you to makeup ig seller. Be rajin girls. Over here I got 6 shades. I choose from the lightest to the darkest and my intention of trying these are for contouring as what I usually see the YouTubers are using them. They comes in a plastic tube packaging with a black twist cap and a brush on the tip as the applicator. I got to be honest I hate the applicator. But they are pretty convininet sometimes in brushing or drawing the product on to my face. But I wish they just design the tip just like a pointed tube or so. If you pinch out too hard, you might ending up taking out too much of a product and in some cases it spread out causing a mess all over. So what I usually do it I squeeze out a bit of the product at the back of my hand and use a brush or my finger to spread it all over my face.
Left to Right : L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in Natural, Creamy Beige, Pure Beige, Medium Bisque, Almond, Toast
The shade I got is Natural, Creamy Beige, Pure Beige, Medium Bisque, Almond, Toast. I use Natural and creamy beige mainly for highlighting. Among all, these two color tha I mention is the trouble ones. As you can see they are not as creay as the others. It's a bit watery. Creamy Beige is the one that matches my skintone the most. So use it to mix with the other colors to get that natural concealer effect. Medium Bisque are just a few slight darker shade than my skintone. I usually use this under my eyes as it has a yellow undertone to it. Try to use this for contouring but ending up it does not appear well on my skin. Almond and Toast are the one I use for contouring, the color looks really dark but as I blend in, they look so natural on my skin. But frankly speaking, I reach out the most are Natural (for highlighting) and Toast (for contouring). the others are just plain concealer that appears just like a foundation. They did not do much as what I wanted.
The texture is really creamy and easy to blend (best when it is sill wet). The pigmentation is very intense I could say and one thing I don't like about it is that if you leave it for a while, the formulations starts to get weird. It happen to the 2 shades I mention above. Sometimes, rather than the concealer squeeze out, a "watery" texture came out. So you will need to mix them by squeezing them before opening the cap to mix them well together first. I find that it is too thick if I use this over a high coverage foundation. It feels a bit oily too actually. But if you blend it well and use a good primer as a base, it will blend nicely. I did not really use this to cover my under-eye, I mainly use the dark shade to contour my cheek and it works well. I use my Foundation Buffer brush (coming soon brush from Breena Beauty) to blend everything just like above picture shows. I could say in a nutshell, I don't like the lighter shades I got and I find I use the darker shade more for my contouring. For concealing, I did not see much of using it. I still stick to my favorite concealer to cover my spots and under eye. I use these concealers mainly for highlighting and contouring. Another thing is that if I am using a brush to blend these concealer, I have to keep in mind to go and wash them as soon as I could as this concealer stain my brush so badly and will need a few wash to get it off. Best to finish this off with alight powder to keep it in place. As a drugstore price concealer, this is worth to try but still not a holy grail product for me. Have you tried this and what do you think?
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