Final Verdict on Physiogel Calming Relief Skincare

It has been 14 days and as promised I will let you know how I feel about this facial skincare range from Physiogel. A quick recap of my skin condition: since I got pregnant and during stressful days and days where there is especially humid weather (early this year), my skin has been a sensitive and dry. I switched up my skincare routine to this simple 1-2 step skincare regime. All I use is the Physiogel Calming Relief CreamCleanser and its Face Cream during the day and I use the same Cream Cleanser and the Face Cream Rich (a thicker version of the Face Cream) during the night. I notice that even in 5 days of using it my skin has been very moisturized and feels bouncy, and as the days pass, my skin has been better. Here is the picture throughout the 14 days of usage.
Within 14 days of using, here is what I can see. The major difference is my pores. I can see that my pores are reduced as my skin gets more hydrated. On day 1 of using of course, I can’t see any reduction in the redness. Continuing to day 5, I can see that my skin continues to be better in terms of hydration, pores are reduces and redness is also reduced. My skin feels less irritated and my skin does not has that "tight" feeling especially after my cleansing routine. On day 10, my skin is well moisturized and I can see that not only it is hydrated but it has this nice glow when I feel my skin – it feels a lot better and healthier. Tell me about it! I find that my makeup application is a lot easier than before. I can just use a tinted moisturizer or a simple BB cream when going out. It stays put and feels a lot natural on my skin. On day 14 I continue to feel that my skin has been better, healthier and hydrated. Less irritated, less redness and pores are pretty much reduced. 
Throughout the years I have been used to gel or foam type cleanser. Never knew that a cream type cleanser like the one I tried which is the Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser canbeen a great product for my cleanser routine. My verdict on this is that, yes at first it can be a bit awkward as I am used to foam type cleanser. I think that it is a great pair to my cleansing routine by first wiping my makeup off with a makeup remover and baby wipes, continued by using this cream cleanser which has less irritation and keeps my skin hydrated while cleansing.

After cleansing comes the moisturiser. This is a small feature but I find that pump type moisturizer really helps me out when I am always on the run. I love the fact that I just need 1 pump and just massage this on to my face and I am good to go. At first it feels a bit greasy but a few minutes later it absorbs nicely to my skin. I feel that my skin is protected even in an air conditioned room, as it helps my skin to stay moisturised and not dried by the air-condand my skin feels less irritated though out the day. It is a simple cream that works wonderfully!

Some goes to this one which I use during the night. It feels just a bit thicker than the Face Cream which I use during the day. It feels like a sleeping mask but not heavy at all. I love how this cream makes my skin hydrated throughout the night, which I can see when I woke up in the morning. It still makes my skin looks hydrated and healthier, but minus the just-woke-up face lah. haha.

Overall I think these 3 products are a great way to start for any sensitive skincare newbie out there who are looking for a skincare that is simple, easy and dermatologist-tested (great try if you have very sensitive skin). It moisturises and strengthens the skin by keeping essential moisture in and damaging irritants out.I recommend this skincare if you have dry skin, redness problem, dry skin with pores and sensitive skin. Wanna try it out?

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