Benefit Cosmetics Boutique 1 Utama Shop Tour & Price List


Salam & hello everyone! Part 2 of the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique Celebration! I love shop tour post! Because i love to show you a piece of makeup junkie heaven. So I will show you around the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique in 1 Utama!

Yeah! The fun part! Muahahahaha! I was very excited get to tour my self inside the shop and taking pictures without feeling weird and looking like a inspector. Yes! I got to admit, how I wish this was my room! Man! I can spend hours in here! Just amaze by the interior along with all these amazing cute products! Aaargghh! I can describe enough! I am sure you guys would love to stare at all of these pictures! drum-roll shopaholic and sucker for cute packaging people!

Benefit powder box! (Yes, I promise myself to own at least 6 of them!) They so cute! I have wanting it for so long until I think Thrrrob have and Georgia have been discontinue. :( And some eyeshadow and brow palette at the bottom. <3

I think in this section are most probably new items from Benefit Cosmetics since last year. The ever cute crease less eyeshadow and skincare range. I saw Dulce Candy have all of these! Oh my Gosh! Ama-zziinnggg. Below image are a close up of the eyeshadow and cream shadow. And the mint green bottle on the right side is the Benefit Cosmetics Skincare Range called b.right!

Below image, some more amazing Benefit Cosmetics face products. The purple jar is the Erase Paste, some industrial strength concealer called the Boi-ign, and some cream foundation  and the Hello Flawless Foundation.

The book looking product there is actually a set of face makeup. They differentiate them in skin color tone, from Light, Fair, Medium and Dark. The cute colored bottle is perfume from Benefit Cosmetics and some other cute set palette at the right side. Some eye pencils and the popular Porefessional.

Above, The 4 kits that looks like a book called the Completion Kits How to look good in everything and are some sets of makeup items from Benefit called the cheek & lip kit available in 3 edition . Perfect for travelling. On the right side is the Benefit Cosmetics fragrance collection Cresent Row comes in 6 different scent.

The other side of the counter, some goes to the second picture. They are the Benefit powder box and some box kit of the cheek & lip kit.

Benefit Cosmetics Price Malaysia
Fakeup Concealer     |     RM 90   (available in 3 shades)
Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation     |     RM 130   (available in 9 shades)
Hello Flawless Powder Foundation     |     RM 130   (available in 9 shades)
The POREfessional Primer     |     RM 115
Eyeshadow Kits World Famous Neutrals     |     RM 115 (available in 3 different editions)
Eyeshadow Kits Primping with the Star     |     RM 120
Eyeshadow Kits The bronze Champion     |     RM 120
Eyeshadow Kits Do the bright thing     |     RM 120
Completion Kits How to look good in everything     |     RM 115 (available in 4 editions)
Lip & Cheek Kits Sugarlicious     |     RM 110
Lip & Cheek Kits Feelin' Dandy     |     RM 110
Lip & Cheek Kits go tropicoral     |     RM 110
Fine One One     |     RM115
Single Creaseless Cream Shadow     |     RM 75   (available in 10 shades)
Single Longwear Powder Shadow     |     RM 75   (available in 12 shades)
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss     |     RM 60   (available in 5 shades)
They're real Mascara     |     RM 85
BADgal Lash Mascara     |     RM 75
BADgal Lash waterproof     |     RM 75
BADgal liner waterproof     |     RM 75
Stay don't stray eye primer     |     RM 100   (available in 2 shades)
Perk up artist concealer palette     |     RM 130
Ultra Plush Lipgloss Sugarbomb     |     RM 60
Ultra Plush Lipgloss Dandelion     |     RM 60
Ultra Plush Lipgloss Bella Bamba     |     RM 60
Ultra Plush Lipgloss Hoola     |     RM 60
Ultra Plush Lipgloss CORALista     |     RM 60
Ultra Plush Lipgloss Dallas     |     RM 60
Powder Box Sugarbomb     |     RM 110
Powder Box Dandelion     |     RM 110
Powder Box Bella Bamba     |     RM110
Powder Box Hoola     |     RM 110
Powder Box CORALista     |     RM 110
Powder Box Dallas     |     RM 110
Powder Box Hevana     |     RM 110
Powder Box 10     |     RM 110
Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain     |     RM 125
Poisetint Lip & Cheek Stain     |     RM 125
Chachatint Lip & Cheek Stain     |     RM 125
Highbeam Highlighter     |     RM 95
Sunbeam Highlighter     |     RM 95
Peek-a-bright eyes Kit     |     RM 125
Smokin' eyes Kit     |     RM 140
Big Beautiful Eyes Kit     |     RM 125
High Brow Pencil     |     RM 85
High Brow Glow Pencil     |     RM 85
Instant Brow Pencil     |     RM 80
Brow Zings     |     RM 115   (available in 3 shades)
Gimme Brow    |     RM85   (available in 2 shades)
Cresent Row Fragrance see and be seen Sasha     |     RM 140
Cresent Row Fragrance garden of good eva     |     RM 140
Cresent Row Fragrance so hooked on Carmella     |     RM 140
Cresent Row Fragrance laugh with me Lee Lee      |     RM 140
Cresent Row Fragrance my places on yours Gina     |     RM 140
Cresent Row Fragrance right my Bella     |     RM 140
Boi-ing Concealer     |     RM 80   (available in 5 shades)
Erase Paste     |     RM 100   (available in 3 shades)
b.right! Ultra Radiance Facial re-hydrating Mist     |     RM 90
b.right! Boo boo Zap Acne Treatment     |     RM 60
b.right! Foamingly Clean Facial Wash     |     RM 85
b.right! Remove it makeup remover     |     RM 86
b.right! Refined Finish Facial polish     |     RM 85
b.right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion     |     RM 110
b.right! Triple Performing Facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++     |     RM110
b.right! Total Moisture Facial cream     |     RM140
b.right! It's potent! eye cream     |     RM125

*price as October 2013
Hope this price list help you!

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Hugs and kisses

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  1. OMG! I saw my wishlist there such as Benefit Stay Flawless, Fake Up, Boi-ing, Powder Box & Fragrance! So tempting. Nangis! :'O Sab, ada try tak fragrance tu? Thanks, Sab sebab share harga. Boleh la kumpul duit lepas ni. ekekeke... :D

    1. samala, sab kalau leh nk semua brg benefit sebab comel sgt... ada la try bau, ok la jugak, byk sgt zsure mana yg paling best. hehe... yep! sab paham, sab pn suka google harga barang, so hope price list ni membantu readers yg mencari info harga brg benefit kat malaysia. hehe btul!

  2. will u review any benefit product after this? would like to know :)

    1. if i have some benefit product surely i will review it! ^_^

  3. Sab!! Love this post! Thanks for listing the price...bole plan nk shop nnti:)

  4. Wow bravo Sabrina for the price list! :)

    1. thanks Rane! ^_^ Hope I help around people googling!

  5. The box powders.. Haven't swatched the new blush yet. I've tested the Hello Flawless foundation at Sephora and it clings to fine hair like nobody's business.

  6. hey.. is there any other benefits store in KL other than in 1 utama? :)

    1. this is the first benefit boutique in malaysia, they are opening the second boutique store in starhill beside sephora pavillion other than that they have small counters like in sephora and stores like parkson, Robinson and so on.. :)

  7. assalam, pernah check x kalau beli benefit online drect frm their website lg murah dr beli di kounTer ke tak? Sbb kat sabah...:-(

    1. yep, actually leh beli online (official website Benefit cosmetics) leh dpt lg murah sebab dia ada free shipping kadang2. xsure bila dia ada. and dia ship ke malaysia. jgn beli dekat online seller kalau was2 sebab mmg ada yg ciplak.

  8. hi :) how did u edit the font ? :) a lil peek inside the boutique thingy :)

    1. hi, i think its u who msg me at facebook page right? hehe

  9. hye .. do u know how much the Benefit Posietint?

  10. hye .. do u know how much the Benefit Posietint?

  11. hye.. do u know the price for Benefit posietint?

    1. hye.. isn't the price is all stated up there in my blog post? would appreciate you look carefully. rm125......... :)

  12. Assalam ..nak tanya..awat price for highbeam highlighter tu mahal ek??yg sy beli ni just rm25...
    Ad yg ori @ fake ek???? ☺

    1. hi dear, yep benefit product mmg ada yang fake. so hati2 ya. kalau nak selamat beli dr boutique nya sendiri or sephora.

  13. Can you update the new price dear? It could really be helpful

    1. I have moved to johor and did really get around to their boutique, i'll wil try to update it if I can :)

  14. sis nak tanye, benefit product pork fat free tak?

    1. so far as i know benefit cosmetics is not a vegan/cruelty free brand (tak test on animals). in terms of ingridient, sab tak tahu. benefit cosmetics sekarang byk yg fake, make sure beli yg original to make sure tak ada bahan2 yang pelik2 dalam tu.