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Salam & hello everyone!
I am very excited for this post, I myself have been searching for a good saloon that provide private room targeting people who are like me who is wearing hijab. Thank you Cheesie for the recommendation as well as thank you so much Number 76 Midvalley Nortpoint branch for this wonderful experience! Here a sneak peek of the saloon looks like!

I guess you guys are familiar with number 76 saloon! Well know celebrities such as Cheesie herself, Audrey, Hanis Zalika and Elfira Loy always check in here! They also a main sponsor for Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards and Japaneses fashion magazine such as Ray and Vivi!
So now, lets talk about the main attraction to my opinion. The private room! This serve no extra charge if you want to request this room. The wash section is covered with curtains. On your way in and out to the private room to the wash section, it is all been covered. No worries. This private room is specially made if you want your own privacy or like me as a person who is wearing a hijab. If you are a celebrity and want a privacy also you can request this room.

Inside the private room, there is 2 chairs. The room is pretty spacious. When the stylish is doing your hair, he will then ask your permission to lock the door so no trespassing from other people. When someone wanna get it, they have to knock first and the stylish will only take a peek to talk to them. Your privacy is totally guarantee!

During my experice, the service I gor is haircut, Tansan scalp spa and Ultrasonic treatment (total recommend!) First I tell the stylish what my hair problem is, I have massive hair fall problem. So these are these are the treatment they recommend me.

Sparkling Scalp (Tansan)
First up, is the Sparkling Scalp (Tansan), The stylish wash my hair with cold water with some of their mixture of this treatment, after that she show me (below picture) my dirt that came off from the Sparkling Scalp (Tansan). I actually wash my hair a day before going here, but still look! There are still dirt on my head. No wonder I feel my scalp itchy even after washing. This cause maybe by wearing my hijab and no proper cleaning is done by me. The Sparkling Scalp (Tansan) helps to remove all stubborn dirt on my scalp. My head feels so fresh after this treatment! The dirt kinda harden on my scalp and this Sparkling Scalp (Tansan) helps to remove everything!

** This is applicable to members only. During your birthday month, you get to choose any treatment other than this one! Any date in your birthday month is acceptable. ^_^ *more info do contact them

Treatment (Ultra Sonic Iron)
Second step, While my hair is wet, they gave me this Utra Sonic Iron treatment! This is my first time having such awesome treatment like this! The tool they use looks like a falt iton and it is not hot at all, I can touch it! But when they sprinkle some water on the flat iron, it kinda evaporates! The purpose of this is to penetrates the good stuff in my hair. My hair feel so soft just like after rebonding! But rebonding only last for a few moment, this last! You can get this treat complimentary during your birthday! *contact them for further info

Hair Cut
Lastly is hair cut. Just to let you know at the moment only male hair stylish for hait cut is available. Well, what I can say more, they are a pro, I love my new hair cut! You can leave your trust to them! My hair stylish is Shaun! Do have an appointment with him, his good!
Number 76 Saloon Price
Hair design
Hair cut, Blow dry & Finish
Senior Stylist - RM76
Director - RM98
Senior Director - RM138
CEO - RM168
Children's (13 - 19) - 30% Off
Children’s (6 - 12) - 50% Off
Children's (Under 5) - Free of charge
Shampoo, Style & Finish - RM 40
Specialty Updo - RM 100 (by consultation)

Hair Color (Services begin at listed prices; additional charge for long hair)
Touch up - RM 120
Short - RM 180
Medium - RM 220
Long - RM 260
Highlights by consultation

Perm & Rebonding (Services begin at listed prices; additional charge for long hair)
RM 200
Rebonding Touch up
RM 300
Rebonding Full head
RM 400

Treatment (Ultra Sonic Iron) - RM 250
Treatment (Damaged hair) - RM 90
Prosynergy, PGS (Repair) - RM 160

Scalp Care
Scalp massage & Treatment - RM 100 RM200
Sparkling Scalp (Tansan) experience - RM50 & RM90

Hair Extension
Per strand/ piece (stick-on) - RM 20 final price upon consultation

Make-up Service
Full make-up - RM 120
Touch-up - RM 80
Men's make-up - RM 40

My experience is at Mid Valley Northpoint Branch.
Many of you may misunderstood the location. The Mid Valley branch is not located inside Mid Valley, Its at the North point Mid Valley. How to get there? If you know the entrance from the KTM, You will see a food shop called Warung. Then you can see a bridge located to the outside of Mid Valley. Walk through the bridge and go to ground floor by escalator. You will then see a Maybank ATM, go towards the right and you will see a laundry shop (Hanger) and then you will see Number 76 Saloon. :)

number76 Mid Valley:

A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley CIty, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662


STORE HOURS: 10:30 - 19:30 (Closed on Monday)

number76 Mont' Kiara:
E-0G-02, Block E, Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111

STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

number76 Bangsar: 

shop 9 & 10, No. 39-2, Level 2, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

TEL: +603 2284 0076


STORE HOURS: 10:30 - 19:30 (Closed on Monday)

Shaun & me 

You are not going home empty handed! They will give you this hair treatment so you can use at home! Love!

*Recommend you to recommend 1-2 days before appointment day. They are good, then you should book them fast!

Hugs and kisses

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  1. nampak best n exlcusive
    harga kena dgn kualiti kerja ok la kan ? :)

    1. yep, sgt bagus hasil kerja dieorg. worth the price! ^_^

  2. walaupun dekat private room, pekerja dia muslim jugak ke sabrina?

    1. bukan Muslim dear, so masing2 punya pandangan sendiri. :)

  3. nice review dear :) but its quite far. hm.. next time maybe

  4. susah kan nak cari yang ada private section. good job and thumbs up to this salon! :)

  5. Wow you had a wonderful experience there Sabrina!
    76 is such a WOW but then never had a chance to visit the salon so far..
    Thanks for the info ya especially the price list! hehe :P

    1. yes I am! ^_^ glad I helped! Do pay them a visit, I am just amaze by their recent work for the other clients. Especially the ombre hair and all that. so pretty!

  6. Thanks so much for the review.. to be honest ive heard of this salon before and many people gave positive reviews bout it. even so, I still wasnt confident enough to try it out.. ive been to so many salons in the past and so far, ive only liked 2 of 'em... due to disapointting outcome of my hair... and i was worried that this salon was gonna be the same, over pricy and dissapointting quality. but after reading your blog, iam now more convince.. id definitely wanna try it out someday... i just hope that it wont cost me up to a thousand bucks(seen from other reviews), as i plan to cut short my hair, perm & dye it (=.=lll) haha.. btw thnx again for the price list as i was also looking for an estimated cost of it.. also is there any stylist that u can recommend as i never made an appointment before?? thanks again and would really appreciate the feedback ^^

    1. glad you find this helpful! yep! you need to make an appointment before you go. advisable 2-1 day before, look for Shaun! he is a great stylist! <3

  7. Great review, sister Sabrina! Just one comment: in my humble view, it is still kind of wrong for a Muslim woman to expose her awrah to a man even if he is a hairstylist, since this is not something there are no alternatives for.

    1. Thank you for reading, yes I will improve and take note on that :) I already told them and they said they are going to hire a female hairstylist soon.

  8. Do the full make up include hair set ?

  9. Can I no is the full make up include hair set ?