Asia's premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition Launch


Salam & hello everyone!
This morning I have been invited to cover up the AES Expo 2013 launch. What is AES? AES stand for Asia's Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition. Today is the first day of this exhibition, held at KLCC Convention center Hall 1. Its a place where traders and beauty industries owners gather and exposed to the new technology and manufacturing skincare & esthetics company that fly all the way from around the world such as Taiwan and Korea.

Today (2 October) till 4 October is only open by invitation visitors. Exposure to the world's leading beauty industries players with more than 5000 attendees specially selected to come here. Attendees include from region top brands aesthetic beauty, wellness and spa salons, mid-sized companies and entrepreneur brand looking up making important purchasing decision in expending their business and brands to keep up with the evolution of beauty.

There is also some demonstration during this exhibition for more in depth explanation on every company specialties product. Basically this exhibition is to exposes business owners in beauty industries to the best manufacturer company in beauty stuff around the world. From cosmetics,skincare, spa machine and more.

The lounge area provided for business owners and manufacturer company to discuss about deals and purchasing.

Will blog more soon! Keep up with this blog continuation because I will announce something nice! Since this is a beauty expo, keep up will more news from me! Wanna have that "IMATS" feeling here at our own country? Some well know brand from skincare, makeup and nail polish will be here as well and you can come and grab some stuff! Well, stay tune!

Hugs and kisses

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