MIVVA October 2013 | Snow White


Salam & hello everyone! Another month another beauty box does it? So here is what in MIVVA October Beauty Box called Snow White!

1. Beautymate Bird Nest & Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask | RM49.90 for 7pcs
A mask featuring the ingridient of bird nest. Claims to restore and nourish the skin. Suitable for all skin types especially dull and dry skin. New mask again! <3 in to my collection!

2. Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser | RM21.90 for 95ml
Claims to be a innovative gentle facial cleanser that deeply cleanse and moisturize with the luxurious organic argan oil and marine seaweed extract for protection against external environmental pollutants to give clean, fresh and healthy skin. Looking forward to try this cleanser in my skincare routine because of the argan features.

3. ONL Oceaniq 3D Antiwrinkle Total Solution CC | RM149.90 for 35ml
Claims to be a sticky liposome technology for 3D volume elastic care. Energetic volume color control cream to immediately solve skin care +makeup problems and brighten, clean and purify the skin. Its a toner, essences, lotion, primer and BB at once.

4. ONL Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner & Emulsion.
This product claims to be a pure natural recepie for mild yet powerful hydrating and glossy care. the products contains nopal cactus and aqua holder complex open to moisture pathways of the skin as well as brighten and whiten it. Another sample...

5. Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream | RM23.90 for 50g
Of all this I like this one. It really does moisturize my cracked heels. After a long day walking from the LRT, I use this to massage my foot. It smells pretty good too. It claims to be a 100% plant derived elements to ensure instant and long lasting hydration.

6. Unico Pearl Scar Cream | RM198.80 for 95ml
This product attract me on how creamy it is. It looks like a foundation. This is actually a unique re-whitening formula contains strong combination of active ingredients and technology that designed to reveal a true luminous complexion along with distinct attention to corrects existing dark spot and prevent from new ones forming.

Overall :
 photo 3star_zpsf5fd9f00.png
I am not very excited for this month beauty box. It was just okay to me. Its ok, I bet it will be more excitement coming in the future! Compare to last month ones which you can read the post here, I really prefer the last month ones!

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  1. Tak pernah lagi subscribe mivva box ni tp slalu gak baca review. Hewhew