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Salam & hello everyone!
Weeee... who does not love package? Especially when it is boxed and nicely wrapped! Its like receiving birthday present everyday! <3 Recently I got a huge box full of beauty product goodies! And its from hermo.my! Wanna see what i got? Here have a look!

Maaaaassskkk! I love mask!

From Left to Right : Blue Berry  |  Green Tea  |  Red Pomegranate  |  Yellow Pumpkin  |  Orange Mandarin

From Left to Right : Derma Soul Anti Sebum  |  Derma Soul Bright Mask

From Left to Right : Aqua Dressing  |  Calming Dressing
From Left to Right : Whitening / Improving Skin Complexion  |  Wrinkle Repairing & Lifting  |  Upgraded Moisturizing / Rejuvenation

Propolis Cleansing Milk 100ml
Propolis [ Moisture ] Softening Toner
Stay tune for individuals review of some of the product ya!

I bet you beauty junkie out there very familiar with HermoHermo is an online shopping portal serve lots of amazing brands from skincare to makeup! Hermo does not only serve as an ordinary webstore, they also have massive promotions  such as below! So do check them daily for latest offers and stuff!

Hermo also carries brands such as :
Holika Holika
3 Concept Eyes 3CE
and one of the rave about makeup brand :
Etude House
Miss Hana

Aaaa... all these makeup items are gonna make me broke! I want them all!

Why Hemo.my?

Its easy and you can get all your most wanted stuff here! I got to admit, most of my favorite brands are in here! This may seems not a big deal to some of you but I really love receiving box package! All of your package will be send in a box like the above picture! For me Hermo really handpicked all brands thta they have in the website, I can really tell you my wishlist is increasing! There are so many nice stuff there! Well, at least I can feel like I am shopping at Korea at Hermo! Haha! They also will be featuring some great brands like Pureheal I got here in my package! Along with the sales they having, you can save as well as you can just shop your favorite items!

Order it anywhere, anytime
Buy 2 and get FREE Poslaju shipping
Deliver straight to your door
14 days refundable
Free samples with your purchase
Promotion and great deals waits you!

Use code : 
and get 5% off your purchase

So what are you wating for! Go to :

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Hugs and kisses

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  1. your post reminds me of my box of masks at rumah sewa in shah alam (T_T) i went back to melaka minggu lepas with fever, couldn't be bothered to pack any coz i can barely stand. now ni jiwa meraung nak balik sana ambil barang2. ahahaha, have a good time with the masks darling ^_^

    1. ya.. sometimes xsempat, even nak cari masa pamper ourselve pun xsempat, but by looking at this mask, hari2 nk pakai! hehe

  2. NO WAYYYYY!! This is amazing! Thanks for the post Sab. I love face mask too. Totally reminds me of high school.

  3. Oh my! Banyaknya............................. Bagi sini, saya nak pinjam. :P