Otterbox iPhone 5 Case First Impression


Salam & hello everyone!
If you know me I am obsessed with iPhone casing. I collect them! Its like changing clothes to my baby... I mean my iPhone. Right now I only have a few and looking for more! But one thing for sure , I am clumsy as hell. I have a major butterfingers and I always drop stuff.  Thankfully Otterbox came in the mail. I am looking for something can really protect my iPhone. Because I am planning on a vacation with my family and probably there will be some rough event I need to go. Along with that I also do alot of walking and stuff around everyday and I always want to hold my phone, slipping it may cause crying. haha. So my baby need some protection. haha! Let see my first impression on the casing!

The case is nicely packaged in the box. It also comes with a friendly instructions on how to place your iPhone in the case. It is design specially for iPhone5/5s. Along with that it comes with a DIY screen protector kit. Yeay! Now I can have a new screen protector!I love how this case is professionally packed. The casing have 2 layers which is the plastic case on the outside and the protective rubber on the inside.Along with that the rubber is also designed to plug your headphones and other opening from dust.

Available in color : Black, Punked, Bolt, Glacier, Night Sky, Boom and Avon Pink.
Price : 34.95USD

Overall :
Although it looks kinda manly and masculine, one thing for sure it makes me worry free! My iPhone is really protected and I can use it and hold it nicely and firm to take pictures during event and stuff. Will blog more only my whole experience and thoughts on it and how you can win one!

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  1. Wow, it looks so tahan lasak! LOL (I couldn't think of how to describe the impression it gave me in English hahaha)

    1. haha! i also don't know how to translate that. maybe durable is the word but im not sure... hehe

  2. iphone best banyak casing comel. :)

  3. hai Sabrina..mind to know where can I buy the #otterbox casing for iphone 4s?

    Thank you