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Salam & hello everyone!
I never done a food review but I am excited for this! Well, other than makeup, I do really love food! I am not a type of person who is picky with food and afraid to try new things! Today I am going to review a restaurant know for its Hong Kong style of menu! Its Kung Fu Paradise in Paradigm Mall! They have another outlet in Mid Valley too!

The restaurant is pretty lay back and cozy. Perfect for a group of friends eating and dining in. The ambiance is not too crowded and I pretty loving this restaurant at first visit! I got to say, first impression on their waitress and staff. Pretty amazing. They practice tip top 5 star service and do promise them. Yes they really do, all of the staff are very welcoming! I really mean it!

 Let get on with da foooddssss! These are what we get to try and said to be the best seller in the restaurant! So don't know what to order? Let me suggest you!

Lychee Mint Tea | RM13.90
 photo 4star_zps1a84e4db.png
A very refreshing drink. You can really taste the lychee combined with the mint. Not a fan of mint drink but this one seems okay to me. Recommend to mint drink lover!

Tropical Coconut Ice Blended | RM13.90
 photo 5star_zps77468cb4.png
Aaaa! This is like our favorite drink of the day! Me, Mieza & Sabby were like sipping it all the time! Natalie (Manager of Kung Fu Paradise) were so delighted at our love for the drink she ordered another one for us! Haha! Thanks Natalie! If you love coconut shake, you got to try this. It is just so refreshing and.. aaa... it is so good! Usually the one I taste are more of "air gula" than the coconut. This one is not! Its like pure coconut! Yummy! Same goes to the first drink they are serve BIG!

Toasted Hazelnut Frappe | RM11.90
 photo 4star_zps1a84e4db.png
Ice Blended anyone!? This one pretty nice but not my kinda ice blended. Its a bit bitter but it was okay and pretty nice.

 Stir Fried Beef With Scallon Rice Bowl With Lava Egg | RM14.90
 photo 4star_zps1a84e4db.png
A very light savory meal, perfect for lunch to my opinion. The beef is tender and juicy! A combination on beef and some veggies are just perfect with a bowl of rice! Would totally order this when I am craving for some meat with rice!

Egg noodle with Australian Smoked Beef topped with special sauce (dry) | RM12.90
 photo 4star_zps1a84e4db.png
No, this is not maggie ok. The noodles are thinner than maggie and much more light. Am I explaining it right? Haha! I love how tender and juicy the beef is!

Falming Hot Bake Rice - The Duo Master | RM16.90
 photo 4halfstar_zps006b9d7c.png
Any cheese lover out there? Gotta try this one. Amazingly cream and savory cheese melted on the rice. Along with that a crispy chicken & fish filet on top of it. Best of both world! Never knew rice and cheese can be together like perfect couple. Gotta eat while its hot! Love how the cheese are melted... ermm! yummy!!!

Dunking Bumger | RM7.20 *add cheese at RM1.50 / egg at RM1.80
 photo 4halfstar_zps006b9d7c.png
The portion is perfectly nice. Not too small not to big. The chicken fillet is grilled and just freaking juicy! Specially and a signature dish from Kung Fu Paradise! The bun are also so crispy and light!

Seafood Chilli Crab Pasta | RM18.90
 photo 2halfstar_zpsbf722693.png
Of all of this this are my least favorite. I don't really like sweet kinda sauce and this kinda sweet more than spicy although the name is chilli crab. I recommend this to anyone who loves sweet pasta sauce!

Steamed Fish with Lime & Chilli Sauce | RM28.00++
 photo 5star_zps77468cb4.png
Amazing amazing dish! By far my favorite and looking forward for more! If you love spicy sour type of dish, you GOT PRONTO MUST try this! The smell and lime scent of this dish just freaking delicious! The fish is tender and fresh and the savory spicy soup is just divine! It is served on a hot plate, so you will always be serve with hot dish fish! yum!

Fish with Spicy & Soy Paste | RM28.00++
 photo 3halfstar_zps27499512.png
This is quite the same as above dish but this is more "berlemak" as I can describe. More sweet yet spicy. I think I am just amazed by the first fish dish and not really focusing on this one. It was an okay dish.

Chicken Wing | n/a
 photo 5star_zps77468cb4.png
One of a kind chicken wing! Made out of a "secret" recipe that cant be told. hehe.. basically its a mixture of a shrimp paste, not spicy but a very savory chicken wing. Served with a thai sauce!

Chocolate Lava Cake | RM12.90
 photo 5star_zps77468cb4.png
It was such a good ending. I really I mean it. This is like my first ever lava cake and now I am addicted to it. The chocolate just balance out everything, it sweet and bitter as well as served hot. Combine with a freezed ice cream on top. And bith just melted in my mouth. Amazing! I could give this 6 star! I really recommend this!

I love this place and I am planning to go again for the lava cake and coconut shake! Natalie the manager of Kung Fu Paradise promised and will ensure tip top quality of ingredients and service. Kung Fu Paradise is under the management of Paradise group. They have another Chinese restaurant that is Non Halal and Kung Fu paradise are their another main restaurant that aiming on a halal menu. Kung Fu Paradise is now waiting for a Halal certificate from the JAKIM to make sure their Muslim are worry free of eating here. No worries, no pork and lard are serve. All menu are all from halal ingredient and they looking forward for you guys out there to try their awesome Hong Kong infused menu! Price range are very affordable. They also have lunch set that start from 10 am till 5pm (Monday to Friday). How cool is that?
and... CIMB members card holders get 10% discount!

Kung Fu Paradise is available at Paradign Mall (infront of Daiso)
Mid Valley (Lower Ground Floor) beside Pizza Hut
Signature Food Court KLCC (smaller branch and limited menus)

Open Daily from 10.00 am till 10.00pm
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  1. homaigod, I really wanna go there again for the Lime & Chilli steamed fish, chicken wing, coconut ice blended and Stir Fried Beef With Scallon Rice Bowl With Lava Egg. seriously. they're like the best meal I ever tasted dekat luar rumah. Ijat is now menggedik to me when we're going there again after he reads this post, hehe!

    1. kan.. sedaaaappppp.. im craving for the lava cake so badly... :( haha! my mr.t pn nk ikut! i told him about how spicy the fish is and how i bet he will love it too!

  2. bestnyaaa bila korang pergi ni?? (T_T)

  3. whoa just looking at those food does make me hungry haha

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  5. omg sedapnyaaaaa coconut shakeeee.. you're killing me sabbbb!