Benefit Cosmetics Boutique celebrate 1st Anniversary with September Babies


Salam & hello everyone!
Last Saturday I was invited by lovely Candy Sofea for this celebration. Since her birthday is in September, Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia invited her to celebrate together with the 1st anniversary of Malaysia first ever Benefit Cosmetics Boutique in 1Utama which are also in September! How lucky September babies are!

Oh gosh, I have been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics like ever since! I just love the concept of this brand. Well, Pink! Vintage looking design and ambiance! How cute is that! Is like walking to a candy store! Pink balloons, furniture.. wah... Along with this celebration, they also celebrating the newly product that arrive here that is the Gimme Brow! As you can see in the front digital poster in front of this store. Will talk about that later in Part 2! :)

We are all welcome with this very very very gorgeous cake! I wonder if this are edible! hehe, they look too pretty too eat! We all start by singing and blowing candle with all September babies! So cuteeeee~ <3

Cute Angeline and Gorgeous Rane one of the September babies! Pretty aren't they! 

Pink flowers and plates are a must! Of course! Can't stop taking pictures.

I need a rehab for pink things!

Mini pies and chocolate dessert! Yums!

We also have a magician in da house! Woot woot! I feel so kid in this party! Make me feel so young and fun! Hehe. I really adore people who can do magic tricks, well it does need a lot of practice. What if the tricks kantoi, malu leh! hehe. But he did a very good job, I was quite amaze by his tricks! <3

*** Empty book, Close, suddenly a big pom pom come out of nowhere! LOL! ***

The most fun part of my day is got to meet my lovely blog friends! We are total stranger and we know each other through social media! Blog, instagram and others! When we can finally meet in person, it is really fun!

Left : Me & awesome MUA Raja Sufiena   |   Right : The Birthday Girl, Candy Sofea and me!

*Actually I got a free brow grooming during this event, as you can see a before after brow in this picture. In the left side is the before and the right image with Sofea is after.
My brow is done by Charlene Khor! She is very sweet leh! And she have such a gorgeous eyes!

Close up of my brows, ok or not? This is my first time having such bold brows. Hehe.

The gorgeous mama, Candy Sofea! (she is also a model ok!)
Thanks for inviting me dear!
Visit her blog -

The awesome goody bag are for September babies! Huwaaaaa!  So jelly! hehe. I got a sneak peek on what they got. I warn you guys not to know what inside! haha! You still wanna know? Promise you wont get jelly? Hehe, yes, they got some of Benefit crease-less cream shadow, eyeshadow full size in a beautiful 2 tier customize Benefit cosmetics acrylic case! Go to Candy Sofea post here to look what she got!

Below are my goodies! Love the cupcake! I got a free brow service card, cute Benefit note pad and travel size Sugarbomb lipgloss! They are amazing!

Well that all from me for today! Do visit below official social media of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia to get latest updates and info babes and read the Part 2 and 3 of this Benefit Cosmetics Post! Remember! Laughter is the best cosmetics!


Hugs and kisses

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  1. Whoaa you're separating them into three parts somemore :D btw, you'll look really good in those brows (:

  2. Sab...wish I could look pretty like you in pink!btw, cake tu cuteness!

  3. Bestnya... Tak pernah lagi cuba produk brand Benefit. My wishlist is Benefit Coralista Blush, Benefit Fake Up Concealer & Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer :)

  4. Wah besarnya gambar aku hahaha :P thank you for posting me XD hahahhaah

  5. Babe! Do you wear contact lens dalam these pics? If yes, u pakai contact lens yang mana ye? :) Cantik sangat! hehe

  6. Nice meeting you, Sabrina! You are pretty in person as well as in the pictures! Thanks for my photo ;)

    1. aww... nice meeting you too! thank you for tegur-ing me first, i am a shy person actually... hehe... you are welcome! ^_^