Otterbox save my baby


Salam & hello everyone!
Here is my verdict and review after using it for a week now on the best seller in USA iPhone case, The Otterbox! Beign a very clumsy person, yes I always drop things, especially my phone! Usually my iphone case are the plastic type of casing, so when it drops, the the percentage of my phone gonna broke or something is higher. Anothe things, my open holes of my phone are exposed to dust and water. so its a simple thing that we dont really look at that actually can cause damage to the phone it self. Otterbox save my iPhone from all that!

As you can see 360 degrees my phone is protected! The casing it self is not 100% silicon, so it firmly grip my phone. The back of the phone is made out of hard high quality plastic which makes the casing much more firmer and easy to hold. I love hoe the silicon protect my phone button as well as the closer on the charger section, this way my phone is protected from dust and water! Ya, I do bring my phone sometimes in the bathroom. During nature calling. Haha! being a person who is always on the go, I have this habit of trowing my phone in my bag whenever I need to do something fast. Worry free coz this phone is also shock proof! I mean a lil pressure of throwing is protected. Otterbox comes in many color and design. You can customize the color of the silicon with any plastic case that you love. Its customize! I wish I get the pink & black silicone one tho. Looks cuter! hehe

Now its your turn to win one Otterbox Casing worth RM90+ each!
Not more than 15 words, complete this slogan :

"The Otterbox Commuter is Always-On case for me because......"

and hashtag #OtterboxCommuter in the comment.
Giveaway ends by 10th November 2013. You will be judge by Otterbox team it self and winners will be announce on 15th November 2013 by them.

*Giveaway open for Malaysia resident only.
Go to below picture in my Facebook page and comment!


Good luck! <3
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  1. It looks so tough and sturdy!
    Visit my page for reviews on the UK edition of Maybelline's Color Tattoos!
    TQ <3

  2. Low batt low batt.. Hehe.. Apa yang saya suka casing Otterbox ni memang cover habis la. Mengelakkan dari habuk dan tepi sekeliling tu dalam. Kalau jatuh pun skrin selamat sikit. Saya nak yang biru nombor 2 sebelah warna putih tu. Hehe. :)

  3. Wow...I did not know about Otterbox phone casing until I read your post.
    But too bad, I browsed online & it does not have a casing for my phone. =(
    The mint green & pink cases are so pretty.

  4. Do they have it for iPhone 4S too Sabrina?? If they do where can I buy and how much thanks 😄

    1. im not sure dear.. i was inform that for this one its only for 5 and 5s