3x Whiter Teeth with Darlie Expert White


Salam & hello everyone!
Last Sunday I spend my day with Darlie Expert White! Thank you Nuffnang! The day is filled with blue theme matching Darlie theme! Now who says you need to pay hundreds of ringgit to get whiter teeth? Let me tell you how!

Darlie have newly launch an incredible toothpaste that have been proven right infront of us its promise. Darlie Expert White Toothpaste contains Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp). It is inspire by the professional whitening treatments and yes, PS-mp is a proven ingredient to deliver effective whitening result! It is also combining with the "anti-stain" properties, its forms a whitening shield to our teeth which also prevents accumulation of stains and tartar. Now we need a shield to our teeth so we can have white teeth all day long! Especially a person like me who is really a coffee addict. Not to mention colored bubble gums and candies!

The star of this event presenting Sazzy Falak! She is indeed very gorgeous and of course! Her teeth are just perfect! Sazzy have conducted a test to show us a live demonstration on how really Darlie Expert White Toothpaste really proven to give us whiter teeth.

The demo of this test will be using the normal toothpaste and Darlie Expert White Toothpaste. The normal toothpaste is placed on the left side and the Darlie Expert White Toothpaste is placed on the right side. We then mix it us with water just like when we are brushing out teeth.

That round white table representing out teeth. The component of the table have similar properties like out teeth. So we then soak these two tablets in each toothpaste for 3 minutes. Just like brushing out teeth for 3 minutes!

Then, we soak a lil white in the black tea. WALAH! As you can see the tablets have a lot of differences right! As you can see the ones that use the Darlie Expert White does not catches any of the coffee stains white the ones that used the normal toothpaste catches the black stains of the black tea! Told ya!

The Darlie Exper White Toothpaste

The Expert White Tooth Brush
 Featuring also the toothbrush! Perfectly design to give more efficiency to your teeth! It is design with a soft bristles that wont harm your gums and also a unique V-Shaped Polishers to polish your teeth shine bright like a diamond!

 I felt so lucky that day to finally meet Cheesie in personnn!!!! She is so pretty!!!! Ok, total fan girl now. haha! And also I am so honoured to be able to talk to Sazzy in person!

The otehr best part of the event, of course! Food by The Press Room BSC!

Lastly, I have a great Sunday! Also I got  meet my cute Wiida, Marya and CikEpal!

Thank you for accompany me Wiida Comel!
GROUP PHOTO! Thanks Nuffnang for this photo!

Don't forget to check out Darlie Malaysia Facebook page for more info!
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