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Salam & hello everyone!
Last two weeks I got the chance to experience my self how Living Social actually operates! I mean, how the office look like, who is in charge and all that jazz. So if you are new to Living Social, Living Social is basically a online webstore that have hundreds of great deals to be grabbed! This is where you get the chance to try something new or even have you favorite shopping spot some great deals and offer! From food, to vacation and of course! Beauty stuff!

During the event we were given a tour around the office! Its super cool and they have these cute signs on each room. There is a whale vector on the meeting room. Lol! And cupcake as the interview room. Nervous room i could say! They also shows us where the products were store, the financial department, marketing department and etc. Its a pretty sleek office! I might imagine them packing my stuff when I purchase item from Living Social. The environment were pretty cool, not that stress type of working environment where you do your own business I could say! Haha!

During the event they were also the prize giving ceremony for their Travel Sweepstakes Contest! Cool! The winners won cool holiday packages in Swiss-Garden International hotels, resorts and inns around Malaysia!

Well, thats wrap to the event, I had quite a fun afternoon with these girls!
From Left to right : Marcia, Harmini, Sofea, JQ, Ashley, me the sleepy face.

Check out Living Social! Let see what awesome deals you can grab! These caught my eye!
 RM10 for beauty diary cleanser! Oh my! Click here to view.

The famous BB Cream of all at the best price! Grab here now.

More info go to :

Hugs and kisses

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