Mascara Duoya Big Review

Today review will be on Mascara! A mascara that is said to be from Korea and claims to be a mascara that is easy to remove but stays put on your lashes! It is also called CheTa Mascara? If you are a Malaysian I bet you know why it is called CheTa I think. Hahaha. More about this mascara is that it helps to lengthen, volumize and curl your lashes. It is a fiber based mascara and infused with Vitamin B5 which helps to protect your lashes too. 
My thoughts. Here is a picture of my lashes before and after. I would say this mascara does give a great lengthen effect. It makes my lashes longer and it has a great separating effect for my top lashes. It's a bit hard to use on the bottom part but i think it will get better when it starts to dry a bit just like other mascara use to do. A new mascara is pretty wet and hard to control from my opinion. Since it is a fiber mascara, it does easily remove. i have this habit of pulling my lashes sometimes and the mascara removes gently without leaving any smudging around my eyes. A great mascara for people who have short lashes for its lengthening effect. Nit too volumizing but it's a pretty great mascara.

For the product it self, it is made out of a very sturdy metal like pacakging. I love the thick curled brush it has and it is super black. Just a few application and I am done. It is a pretty good mascara to try on if you are interested and check out below links for more info. Each mascara retails for RM79.00, but get this for RM55 (Semenanjung) & RM60 (Sabah Sarawak) from below seller. With Free Postage and COD too!

More info & To purchase go to :
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  1. I've heard about this mascara. Viral once on Facebook. The effect on their advertisement very vavavomm. I also wondering how it works. Thanks Sab for the review..

  2. I have short & straight lashes so normally mascara won't stay long on my lashes. It'll become droopy so fast T__T That's why I've been wanting to try out this mascara for so long but the price made me go "Astaghfirullahulazim ..." Hahaha! Because you know how we normally toss out mascara after 3 months right. But still, your reviews are a positive one. I think this mascara will work on me somehow. Thanks for the review, Sab ❤️

    1. hahaha tu la.. splurging on mascara can be frustrating sebab 3 months je boleh pakai. welcome dear <3

  3. Duoya??
    Sorry i dont know
    I dont think so it is from Korea
    Even i ask my korean friend she also dont knw this product
    And i try google.. only show from alibaba.. origin manufactured is china