My Pregnancy Supplement | Umil Milk Booster Review

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I have reach 7 months this month and now it's time to get into a new phase. Being able to provide my own milk for my baby is a dream. I always want to be able to provide that as I know how much mother's milk great are. It is a gift from Allah that every mom dream to have. No everyone are lucky to provide them and I am also not sure how lucky I am so, I will need to start get some nutrition and supplement to help me produce it. I am very skeptical about supplement. What I will consume when I am pregnant because I know it does not affect my self only but another body that is inside me. So I need to choose wisely. So I found out about Umil Milk Booster! A drink supplement that helps to keep mom to be healthy and energize, continue after giving birth it will help tpo provide more breast milk and a whole lot of benefits for both mother's and baby.
What it does and helps : 
Help mother's to produce more milk 
Help mother's hunger through out the day and feeling energize all day 
Reduce allergies to baby 
Provide full nutrition to mother's and baby 
Help to keep your stomach and digestion healthy 
Reduce the risk of Jaundis and baby cholesterol, 
Keep mother's strong bones during labor 
Keep mother's skin looking healthy 
Help produce more milk and faster 
Make mother's milk more quality and thick 
Help to tighten back mother's cervix/vagina after giving birth
Help to maintain slimmer body after giving birth 
and many more!
Each box contain 600gram of powder with chocolate flavor. Now can I talk about how delicious this drink are? I am not even joking. It taste like real chocolate drink and if you don;t like the taste of milky stuff, this does not take like that. t taste like real chocolate and not too sweet. It is just perfect!
It is recommended to drink this 3 times a day. Before your breakfast meal, Lunch meal and Dinner meal. It comes with a scoop. So how to prepare this drink? Simple add 170ml of warm water and add 2 scoops of the powder. Mix well and done! Don't forget to drink lot's of plain water through out the day too okay!
The ingredients in this product are Cocoa powder, non –dairy milk powder, sugar, chocolate flavor, foamier, whey powder halal, fenugreek powder, dactylifera powder. No worries this product is verified by KKM & it is certainly Halal. Each box retails for RM80.00 (Semenanjung) and RM85.00 for Sabah & Sarawak. They are also combo price where you can get 3 box of these for only RM200.00! More info check out below links!

More info/order :
Contact : 019 – 3000 793 / 019 – 6473 938
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