UPDATES : New Layout... AGAIN?!

Hi guys... this is the only post i can update about.. been busy busy busy again. I wanna post some reviews, but my camera is somewhere... hm... so i decide to revamp my blog again. I dont like my old layout because it is so complicated. i does not appear vey nice on IPad and mobile. actually i want to hire a professional designer... but im scared it does not meet my requirements. and it is one of my 2012 resolution. so after a few research, i decide to do it on my own..how i did that? thanks to Lyssa. An awesome cute blogger! Check out her followers! Awesome! 80% of the things in my blog is guided by her tutorials. But it is in Bahasa (Malay language). So im sorry. :( Her tutorials are easy to follow. Thanks again lyssa! You save my RM300! :p Pictures and image are made by me. By using Photoshop CS4. Awesome software i could say!

Design and them are inspired by Paul & Joe cosmetic art concept, Cath Kidson, vintage flowers & obviously CATS! I love cats if you can tell... :p

And my color them are pastel baby pinks and baby blues! I just love it! 

But i am still working on the background of my side bar. Which i may do it tomorrow. Do you like it? I wanna hear your thought and comments! Thanks for reading! I hope to post another blog post very soon! I have a lot of post plan coming up. Love ya! Gotta run! Busy again! :(

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