UPDATES & HAUL : Birthday & Stickhouse?

Haha... pretty malas to blog lately.... too cozy to be home with my family and love ones... My birthday was on 11 December, Sunday. I just came back from KL on the night of 10 December. Pretty tired after a long journey. But was super excited after that because there was a lot of present in my room! I then, scream like hell... haha! So here a picture of what i got on my birthday!!! Love love love!

Naked Palette from my boyfriend! A cute small diamond necklace from my mom, a Blackberry Bold 3!!! from my father, and some makeup goodies from my little brother! haha! My 2nd bottle of Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation. I just love it!!!

<3 I love you mama!

 Yes! I got my NAKED Palette!!!! Super super excited! That is from my lovely boyfriend! I did expect it either.... We still having some financial problem due to our new job, he said he wont do anything during my birthday, pretty sad to hear but i may just smile because i understand... Then we went to KLCC, as always, i will never miss visit sephora, walking and swatching stuff there! i can spent hours in there! haha.. suddenly a sales girl came to me and hand me a huge sephora paperbag... i was like, "did i entered a contest?" or am i like the 1 million customer or something?"... then i looked at my bf an he laughed to she my shocked faced, and i was about to scream and he quickly came to me and say, "ey, calm down..public..haha"... I'll be reviewing it after i wore it like a few times... Wanna see does it really nice like it have been raved!

 Birthday Card! I just love em! Its like a tradition in my family.. i have a full boxes of card since i was a baby!
This one special! is a cad from my cat Tubbie! Hehe..my mom make him paw the card! So cute...

And lastly, i actually got an invatation to a grand opening of the Stickhouse Malaysia! I was super excited.. but then i canceled it last minute.. (Sorry to the Stickhouse :( ) I got an important clent meet from my part time job.. really important...i could not cancle that meet... So i manage to go to Sunway Pyramid on that same day of the opening. So i might just see it from far... haha... Rugi besar... The ice cream looks delicious! But i dont have much time to spend there... :( I wish i can visit and try some... I'll do a review on it!

Location : 
Sunway Pyramid, up floor from the ice rink.
Price range : 
RM5.00-6.50 (extra RM1.00 / RM2.00 for topping)
What is it? : 
It is a home made ice cream on a stick!

Like there Facebook page! Click here - STICKHOUSE MALAYSIA

I could not take a closer picture, there too many customer. Below are the picture i took from google. Similar to what i see there.. More picture visit their Facebook page. Link above.

Till then,

And hi Fiza! Thanks for the lovely email you send me! Hope you always visit my blog! <3

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