UPDATES & HAUL : Its been so long... So I went for a little retail therapy!

Owh.. I know... It been so long since i left from blogging.. 1 month I think... Been busy busy busy... My final exam is just around the corner, and I have been busy doing my part time job. I have a very big plan for next year resolution! ;) Pray for me... So here just a little highlight of what I have been doing from my absent... After stressing out from work and studies... I went shopping! HAHA! Yes.. Although my financial wasn't that good around this time, I manage to find things that quite a good buy!

A leopard print satchel and a hearty wallet...
 I bought a leopard print satchel. I need a bag that looks well with formal attire for my part time job. I'll be meeting people around, would want them to look at me like i am 21... LOL! The bag was retail at RM59.90. It was ok for me... But still pricey... For a student like me... And i bought a wallet since my wallet was like... Terribly dirty and worn out. I decide to get a bright color wallet! Haha, black wallet give me panic whenever i want to find where is my wallet. Since handbag does not have a light inside, i tend to think that my wallet was not in there....And get panic for no reason....
My brother's. I need to learn save like him.. ;p
Back from a small weekend holiday, my brother ask me to help him build up his most exclusive Lego.. I was staring at the toys and imagine that the Lego cost my whole month pocket money! But I was proud of my brother since h bought his Lego all by himself. From his saving and chores pocket money. Guess how much was the toy cost him? RM899.00!!! I can go insanely shopping with that kind of amount! HAHA! It was my most favorite Lego from all of his collection, you know why? Because its a Shopping complex Lego! Haha! Who does like that! You should have seen the interior of this Lego! It is amazing! Just like a doll house!
Use technology wisely... :D
So here Im back.... This is what I have been doing for the whole month.. Studying... My Ipad have been a very good companion.. whenever i need assistance on my Engineering Math, My little baby Ipad helped me.. ;) But last Monday, my Ipad fell off.. Yes...It cracked the whole glass screen... But still I can use it, only that the face of the Ipad looks very disappointing.. :( You know how much it will cost me if i want to fix for just the glass scree? Refer to the price of the Lego.. Yes..exactly.. RM800!!! I'll guess i have to keep it like that first for a while until my financial is okay... :( Well that all... Im planning on posting a review on my current favorite lipbalm! That i receive from Nicole's Mirror! It is awesome! And

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim friends!

Till then, See you guys again! Love ya!
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  1. yeay~! you are back! uuh~ i love the satchel. and the purse too ;) Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to you! is that a Watson card i spotted? he he heee~!

  2. @miss cat lady - hehe..i mange to spare some time. Absolutely! Watson card! <3

    @Mercedes - Thanks love!

  3. @lapetiteblonde - Thanks hun! <3 xoxo