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Hi guys! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! After a long wait of my shoe spree, my shoe finally arrive! This is my first time shopping for shoe online! What makes me doing that is because I find online shoes much more prettier that most of the retail shoe in the usually shopping mall have, and its cheaper! So Agape Boutique was my first choice, because I have been shopping from them quite sometime. The first order is on clothes garment. And what scares me is the SIZE! I have er, quite, erm may have a big foot! LOL! Usually my size aren't available in stores... *tears~ and always OUT OF STOCK! Gheesshhh! So I put my faith when ordering it... Pray it will fits me.. and see what happens...... This is the image display in the shop -
Look similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood that cost around 125US Dollars!
And this is what I got...
It is not that yellowish, its my poor camera quality and its getting dark :(
Some kind of a velvet-y material! Nice!
Urggh! I know... The picture is totally a turn off, I was doing some work when the shoe arrive and cant resist on wearing it on the spot! :D
My Reaction?
  • its fits me PERFECTLY!
  • similar to what I expect!
  • Worth what I paid for
  • and again, it fits me! YEAH!
Pre-Order or Ready Stock clothes/shoes/bags? Some are ready stock but not many. Most of them are Pre-Order! Pre-Order let you guys gt much more cheaper price! If you are willing to wait, They have Mega Sales pre order where more discount! 
Each shoe discount of RM10! Man!!! :D

Do thy ship internationally? I think she do not ship internationally. But you can ask her anyway! She's friendly!

CLICK HERE! Link to the item I purchase - Shoe 1664 Beige - RM 57, Size: 39 - CLICK HERE! 

Review - LOVE LOVE LOVE! Worth buying! Sarah, the owner is also friendly! My first order was not this color actually, is a tan color, but it is OOS, So she email me and ask me what is my decision, proceed with another order or refund. I choose to proceed with another order. I email her few times, and she does reply! Yes! Im going to shop more there! Aaaaa!
Below are SOME of my wishlist! LOL
Haha! Thanks Sarah! When I have the free time, I will post my look wearing these babies!
Below are some picture that inspire and encouraging me to purchase them! :D

Wish list? Yeah!

Theres more but... let short list it! :p Link for details - A  B  C  D  E  F 
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  1. like it!are perfects!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  2. Thanks darl for your wonderful write-ups :)

  3. @lapetiteblonde - Thanks! kisses to you too! <3

    @Agape Boutique - You are most welcome! :D

  4. @Rebecca - Thank you for visiting too! XOXO! You made my day! :D

  5. you're rocking it~! woot woot~! and good to know it fits. i know how is it like when you walk into the store, only to find out that your shoe size is sold out! grr.. hate it when it happens. i always leave the store all frustrated and flustered up.. btw, pls do have more shoe haul posts dear.. :)

  6. @miss cat lady - haha! THANKS! I know right! There were once i went out the store crying at my bf shoulder because of that one shoe that i have saving up for it sold out! haha! it was funny! sure! i have just ordered a pair... wait for it hehe!

  7. wow.. good it fits to you.. never try buy shoe online.. takut tak fits.. btw, nice review.. tq. :)

  8. @Wawa Tasliman - It is my first ever purchase! And thanks God it fits! Maybe if you really want to buy shoe online...try buy the one with open toe first... and try buy one first...


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