AuraHijab Review | Conditioning Shampoo & Perfume

Hair Fall, smelly hair and it is like a bad hair day + bad hijab day! I discover a all in one shampoo that had helped me with my hair fall plus it makes my hair smell good all day long! This is the AuraHijab, specially made for girls & women who wear hijab. To our ht and humid weather, things can get pretty stressed when you start to feel uncomfortable.
The Aura Hijab Shampoo is made from Black Seed (Habastus Sauda) , Candlenut (Buah Keras) , Ziziphus Mauritiana (Daun Bidara ) & Olive Oil (Karbo Minyak Zaitun). In just 3 days your hair will feel smoother, in 7 days, you will see that your hair fall problem will be reduced, in 30 days of usage your hair become stronger and thicker.The best thing about this shampoo is that it is like wearing perfume for your hair! The fragrance lasted 12 hours!
My tips, make sure you have rinse your hair until it is fully damp. I like to use warm water. Use your finger tips avoiding the nail tip. Lather the shampoo onto your palm first and then lather it on your hair. Massage your scalp gently and to the ends of your hair. Then I like to rinse off with cold water, make sure to rinse off the shampoo completely and pat dry your hair. Let it air dry and avoid hair dryer as much as possible.

It smell so good trust me!


My own feedback :
I was amaze by how moisturizing this shampoo is. Every time I use a shampoo, a conditioner is a must or else my hair will be very hair to be comb, tangled and not smooth. Most of the shampoo I use leave my hair dry, but this shampoo that said to also be a conditioner is not a gimmick. It is really oisturizing. It lathers so nicely and leave my hair smooth even in the first wash. The fragrance lasted 12 hours and my hair feels fresh and stronger. I could see that my hair fall problem is reduce every-time after I wash my hair. Plus, this shampoo is Halal & approved by KKM!
Saya kagum dengan shampoo ni sebab dia sangat melembabkan rambut saya. Setiap kali saya guna shampoo brand ;lain saya memeng kene pakai conditioner kalau tak mesti rambut saya "tersekat2" tak lembut dan kering. Shampoo lain buat rambut saya kering. AuraHijab mengandungi semua dalam satu jenis syampoo iaitu shampoo dan guna conditioner buan gimmik jualan. Memang rambut tidak kering walaupun dalam satu basuhan. Bau wanginya tahan selama 12 jam dan saya perasan yang rambut gugur kurang lepas saya menggunakan shampoo AuraHijab ni. Tambahan lagi, shampoo AuraHijab ni halal & diluluskan oleh KKM!

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Shop the best shampoo for hijabis , AuraHijab :
Whatapps : 017-5444880
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Price : RM129.00 for 400ml bottle
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  1. AuraHijab sesuai untuk yang pakai tudung seharian di pejabat atau di mana sahaja

  2. Sab kenapa kena tulis in BM bawah tu... comel je sab type in BM! :)

    1. hahaha sebab ni brg local kan, nk ada bahasa melayu gak hehe

  3. liz baru tahu pasal brand ni, nak cari la cuba juga

  4. Wow, I've been searching ups and downs for the right shampoo to treat my dry and hair falls. Should give this a try then. Thanks for the review xo ;)