Zalora Haul #1


I have 4 line up schedule post after this. Im excited to post about the Silkygirl event I went last Saturday, but I don't have many nice pictures, so still waiting for Silkygirl to post it in their Facebook! Hehe...

I have a lil online shopping this month! One is from Zalora and another is from a Pre Order Online store! Thanks to Zalora for offering me a RM50 Zalora voucher! I love it! I use it to buy a Black Chiffon Cardigan from ASOYA. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. But the shipping seems pretty late. I ordered and make my payment on Monday and I got it on the next Monday. And I have a trouble with the Gdex service. Pretty piss off I would say for their customer service. I wasn't at home when the delivery was attempt. So I called the customer service to ask them whether I can pick it up my self at nearest branch. I live in Cheras, and there is a branch in Cheras. The operator wasn't helpful enough. She ask me where I want to pick it up, I answer to her that could she suggest me to my location, and she nearly yelled at me and ask me again 'Where you want to pick up?". Then I answer, "Please suggest me, I dont know". Like seriously? Pos Laju does not ever ask me like that. And she said I can pick up at cheras. Then a few minutes she called me again said I cannot pick up at cheras, I have to pick up at Petaling Jaya. I'm like what?? What if a person stay outside KL? It too far, and on Saturday, I called the operator for direction, again.. I could not understand his accent! The landmark they gave were so little and very unhelpful.... Seriously, I though GDex was a good courier service. Maybe it was my bad luck... 

Purchasing was Zalora is fun but, I hate the part where most small size are Sold out... :(  and the payment method is pretty limited. It only available for CIMB. But I am very satisfied with my purchase, the cardigan look so pretty and high quality. Love it! Here is the link to my purchased product - CLICK ME! I love how it comes in a box! It looks so professional and presentable!

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Have you shop at Zalora? What did you buy?
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