Over the Top 2 Audition

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Salam & hello everyone!
Last few week I went to the Over the top audition at Sri Pentas TV3. More than 250 children all over Malaysia (does not include me, hehe...) audition for the kids reality shows that is aimed to challenge kids on their strength, skills & ability to make a vital decision. The Over the top show are bought to you by MBSB Cheeky Saving Club and also produce by Island Talk Asia. MBSB Cheeky Saving Club was launch on the 16th April 2011 specially for kids 18 years old and below. Full privileges such as rewards, discount, free merchandise, and many more!

Special appearance for the judging panel are Najwa Latiff, Elfira Loy, an internet sensation Melakaboy and also cute little Mia Sara. Early morning the crowd was amazing. Kids was preparing and their parent were there to support. The first contestant to be judge looking pretty confident, the audition went well and they were judge by their personality, talent and character.

18 chosen participants will be a parrt of the Over The Top 2 which will be standing to win the awesome grad prize that is an all expense trip to Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong and also RM30,000.00 savings into their Cheeky Savings account. Over the Top 2 consist of 8 weekly episode that would be aired from October till December 2013.

Winners from the previous Over The Top 1 and Cheeky the MBSB mascot were also there to give support!

Don't forget to watch Over the Top 2
More info go to : www.overthetop.my

This is the previous Over the Top episodes!

Hugs and kisses

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