Zespri Fun Cook Off 2013

Zespri mascots, Greenie and Goldie, welcoming the arrival of the media.
Lai Kim Tee, Malaysia Marketing Manager of Zespri shares how kiwifruit is grown
Celebrity chef, Rohani Jelani, entertaining the media with her methods of cutting kiwifruit.
After all the hard work, the media finally got to relax by enjoying a buffet spread prepared by celebrity chef, Rohani Jelani as well as the dishes they whipped up!

Salam & hello everyone!
Last week there were an event called the Zespri Fun Cook Off at the Bayan Indah Culinary Retreat. As Ramadan is already here, the event is basically a preparation of ideas for all Muslim can prepare for the fasting month. Address in some problems arise Muslim had during the month are constipation, indigestion, lethargy, low blood sugar and dehydration.

Featuring the kiwi as the star ingredient of the event, in the cook off Chef Rohani jelani shows some tips and tricks of recipe using kiwi which provide lots of goodness during the fasting month. Below are some of the recipes you can use by using kiwi!

Some of the tips of using kiwi in other recipes of your own are :
• Serve fresh, chilled kiwifruit for Sahur or Iftar as an alternative to fattening desserts
• Top your wholegrain cereal, oatmeal with chopped kiwifruit for natural sweetness
• Mix cubed kiwifruit with natural yogurt for Sahur
• Blend kiwifruit with yogurt and milk to make a smoothie. Blend in some wheat germ for extra fiber and Vitamin E
• Juice kiwifruit with an assortment of other fruit and vegetables to make a refreshing tropical drink to “Buka Puasa”
• Include kiwifruit in your fruit platter to “Buka Puasa” with family

Hugs and kisses

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  1. wah wah wah masak memasak pulak!!! complete boleh jadi bini orang :)

  2. sedapnya... good idea guna kiwii

  3. tu la illy nampak ramai yg share pasal kiwi ni :) macam nak try je buat kari letak kiwi... hehe :P

    1. its a nice idea kan... kiwi have lots of nutrition, letak dlm daily menu senang je!