Wishlist Wednesday #7


Salam & hello everyone!
This item has been in my wishlist for a very... very.. very.. long time. They are the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. Unfortunately I have not yet got my hand on these babies. Despite the cute oh-so-glamours packaging that I have been influence by, I heard a lot of good raves over this lipstick. It is long lasting and very pigmented. But the bad thing about these are many research said this lipstick contains the highest chemical called lead that can cause mouth cancer. hm... Oh well...

Where can I get Yves Saints Laurent Lipsticks in Malaysia? Oh well, we don't have an official YSL beaute counter here in Malaysia. Pretty sad. But You can get these at the Satellite building in KLIA. What? Oh yes. That means it is only possible if you are going somewhere then you can get an access there. They are prices RM105 there in KLIA. Oh well.

The other option is (nearest country) either in Bangkok if I am not mistake and the another one is in Singapore. They have an official YSL Beauty boutique there. I am not sure how much they cost

I haven't decide yet on what color I want, I want to go to the counter personally and hands on these lipstick. Its a very pricey lipstick so I don't want to risk my self buying online. Maybe. Probably.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Boutique in Singapore | Credit to : http://sg.lifestyleasia.com/

Hugs and kisses

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