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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone . How you guys has been doing? Oh me? I have been s busy this week. Meet up with friends and the moving process. Phew glad I make it. As I arrive home I am also welcomed with a hugeee package that I just can't hold myself and just open right next to my home door entrance. Yes, as you guys know I have done a little sopping inside BROS new E-Store. One of my resolutions this year is to drink lots of water! So I need some encouragement here. I need a cute bottle... PRONTO! So glad I found out BROS. Celebrating BROS 10th Anniversary, BROS E-Store will be having 30% discount storewide from 26 May till 15 June. They offer such an amazing selections of water bottles with different sizes and color and even design to meet your preferences. Here I wanna show you first 10 easy steps to shop in BROS E-store. Come on, join the fun! Its easy and the best part is. You can shop while wearing your pajamas.. Ok shh. I won't tell anyone. 

Here I will give some basic tips and how to shop in! Click on the pictures to give you a better viewing or to enlarge it!

1. Go to
The homepage of the E-Store features latest news and promotions. Right now they are having a -30% of store wide from 26 May till 15 June. Surprise to all my loyal readers, and I will give you a special discount code at the end of this post. So stay tune!

2. Go to your Account. Log in if you already have an account or just register. I like to browse the E-Store while logged in to my account so I can add the items that I find interesting (I need it! hehe) in my Wishlist easier.

3. As you log in you will be directed to your account. Its very user friendly. Here you can view your Wishlist, Order Status, Address and account log information.

4. Now, the fun part. Browsing through the E-Store. I open a lot of tab here. Hehe. So many adorable options to choose. I felt like buying the whole thing. My favorite range will be the Alooart bottle. There is also the Pure, Junior, Crystal plus and Meal & Mug 2go. Just click on the tab and start scrolling!
5.Found something nice? Click on the image and you can view more information on the specific product. You can zoom in to see much more fine detail on the product, Information and features. All in one page in just a few clicks.

 6. When you "feel" like you have done shopping. Haha. You can check your cart on what you have added. View back you total price and estimation of the shipping. Don't forget the discount code!
Use coupon code BFF30 
(valid from today till 13 July 2014) to get 30% off your whole purchase and + FREE cleaning brush!

7. When you have view your total purchase (Total Price X Discount Code + Shipping) You can proceed to check out and start fill in your shipping details for first time purchase.
8. Select your payment method. Use option iPay88 for Online Banking method or use PayPal if you wanna use your Debit Card or Credit Card.
9. After you have made your payment, you can view your order once again. (The excitement starts here!)
10. You can also see a Order confirmation on the last step. You also will be receiving an email regarding your purchase information. So don't worry!

Nowww... I bet you guys wanna see more details on the products that I purchase from right? So here it is. My unboxing haul for BROS E-Store. It comes in a huge box. Sealed properly and no damage are detected. Alhamdulilah. Get excited!

Tadaaa! My purchases! It is packed in side a silver box. Oh thank you! The box can be reuse of course. Save planet earth okay. So as I dig in my items were packed nicely with bubble warps and so. Everything is in good condition.

My heart stops. At first I saw this card and I'm like... Why the picture shows looks so familiar? Did you notice that they took all of my purchased items and make print it out as a card? How super super thoughtful is that? My first ever first class online purchase experience. Such a small thought can make my whole day awesome! Thank you BROS. Such a lovely card.

My alooart bottlesss! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! I super love my bottles! I bought the alooart 600ml bottles. I love panda. No offend. I love how sturdy and firm this bottle is but not heavy at all. Now this really encourages me to drink more water. I clean up the bottle and straight away fill it in. I put these bottles on my shelves in my room. They look so cute on my shelves and also serve as a cute decor items! I want more..... This is basically an aluminum bottle that is BPA free, its  virgin aluminum, and eco friendly! If you are interested from left to right are, Muddy Panda, Do Happy and Panda. These are the 600ml bottle and they price at RM35.90 (RM25.13 after 30% discount!).

The next thing I bought are also the alooart bottle. But this one is the 1000ml bottle. bought this for Mr. T. I also got a free cleansing brush (RM9.90) and I also bought the Pure Range bottle in 450ml RM19.90 each (RM14 after 30% discount). I pick that up because I love how it comes with a straw inside that fits nicely. When you open up, it pops out. Nice for traveling.

Some more thoughtful from BROS. they gave me all of these yummy snacks. I am a fan of marshmallows. Like seriously. Thank you so much. They are lovely! Love it!

Well that's all for today. I hope you enjoy opening the box with me! Super love my purchases. I still have something in my wishlist. Hope I can purchase them soon before the sales end! I think i might be a collector of the BROS bottle because they are so cute and looks so nice in my room! Don't forget to use the coupon code okay! Use coupon code BFF30  (valid from today till 13 July 2014) to get 30% off your whole purchase and + FREE cleaning brush! NOW go to : !

Now what is your favorite BROS products?
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