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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Mask time means pampering time! I always always will try to find a time to wear mask at least 1 times a week. Just to help give me that extra boost of skin goodness to my skin. Today I am going to review a unique mask which consist of 2 steps upon wearing it. Usually sheet mask you see only have the sheet mask if that make any sense what I am try to talk here. This one comes with a "Synergy Ampoule" to be use first before applying the sheet mask. How cool is that.

The one I got here is the AC Dressing Laser Mask that helps to improve the trouble of skin and pore care. Describe as a mask that makes your skin moist and relaxed by calming irritated skin and by helping to get rid of trouble scars. It is a special Rx which makes your skin moist and relaxed by calming irritated skin and by helping to get rid of trouble scars with a laser clinic system containing trouble care ingredients such as azulene and α-bisabolol, and arnica.

The direction of using is that first after washing your face, use the synergy base ampoule. spread it out evenly on your face and then took off the sheet mask and wrap it/ put it over your face. let it kinda soak and helps on the absorption. So cool. Hahaha. So leave it for 15-20 minutes. I like to go a bit further, 20 minutes. After that take it off and massage whats left. The sheet mask is quite wet to my preference. It is not dripping but a lot of excess product from the mask even after taking it off. So what you can do it massage it thoroughly around your neck and even around your body in patting motion for extra fast absorption. During the mask is on my face, I love how it gives me this cooling sensation. Very relaxing and refreshing. After using it, my face feels so fresh my hydrated. Applying foundation after that is an ease. My pores were a bit "tame" haha and easy to be cover up. Overall I think its a very unique mask that offers a double intense treatment to the face. They also comes in different type of mask for different problems. Do check them out!

Name : AC Dressing Laser Mask
Price : RM17.90
Where To Buy : Hansaegee Online Store (link)
Net Weight : 3ml of synergy ampoule & 25 ml of 1x sheet mask
Ingredients Highlight : Azulene and α-bisabolol, and Arnica.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you try a 2 step mask sheet?
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