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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Good morning, as I wake up just now I receive an email from my favorite online game store Origins. So I just need to blog about it. The release date for the Sims 4 have been revealed officially! Man I am excited! I started playing The Sims since I was a kid. From The Sims 1 until now The Sims 3. I am much more active during The Sims 2 because that time I was young and don't have much to do basically. Haha. I alternately play The Sims 3 when I am doing my degree. Don't really get to play much and follow new expansion and stuff because of financial issues and time. Since I have finish my studies and "some" of you always ask "where I get all of my money to buy stuff". Of course I pick it from a tree! Well come one guys, of course I work my ass of to earn my living. Disclaimer, I am not from a rich family. I buy everything with my own money. I always took opportunity to earn some side incomes and use my talent to sell my design services. Please don't assume negative thought about me people. Get you asses off and work for it.

Now talk about Origin, I receive quite a number of questions about it on how to purchase it. Well, if you have a debit card or credit card and link it to paypal, it is easy. I will blog about on how to register paypal as soon as possible around this month okay. Orgings is a authorize (authentic) online game store sells The Sims games pc games and other games. You purchase it online and download it. What I like about Origins is that they always have sale. So I bought my The Sims 3 at a very affordable price. The down side of Origins is that of course you did not get the actual product to keep or make it as a collection. Well, I do mind that sometimes.

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Okay okay. When is the release date for The Sims 4 now! It will be release officially on 2nd September this year (2014). Pre Order for this game has open from lots of online store you may find. Of course Origins is also offering for Pre Order right now and retails at 80.91 SGD (normal 89.90 SGD) = RM206.88.

And there is a cool collector edition which for me retails insanely. As what I heard it is only available in UK only. I don't know why. So The Sims 4 promise and have gave us a lil sneak peek on what to expect in The new Sims 4. So what I heard that the character is more cartoonist. I like that part because I actually hate The Sims 3 graphic. It looks weird and hard to make it look pretty. Haha. The Sims 4 basically reminds me of The Sims 2 with more awesome graphic. Features, easy molding for the character, easy house building and more real expression. I am plan to get this in actual form. i would want to collect them since I did not get the chance in The Sims 3 due to my financial reasons. Now as I already can find more money for my own, I might get this around. The problem is just that my graphic card for my laptop is not good enough. Well changing a oc for me might take a while. Haha. Lastly sorry to some of you who request for me to upload my The Sims 3 house to enable download, I can't do that because I use lots of different download and codes, it might serve you a problem and I am afraid I might not get to assist you. 

Are you planning to buy The Sims 4?
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