Bio Oil Review on my burned scar

While I was baking my lasagna, I accidentally moved my hand to the top surface in the oven which cause a minor burn on the back of my hand. It was a bit painful after a while and then it starts to bubble up which is the grosses thing ever. I don't know what is the burned called but after a few days it burts up and cause my skin to tear up. I know it is literary the most disgusting thing ever and I hope you are not eating while reading this. If you do well I'm sorry. So I remembered that I have the famous scar reduction product which is the Bio-Oil in my stash, so I use it.  I start using it when my burn has started to dry. A little introduction about Bio-Oil. - which treats a number of skin conditions including scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone as well as aging and dehydrated skin – is on a mission to re-inspire confidence into lives everywhere. By improving the appearance of skin imperfections, no longer does anyone need to feel inhibited, as one aims to not just be comfortable in their own skin, but also to #beskinconfident .

This product have won more than 230+ awards globally since its launch in 2002. t is available in 91 countries worldwide and one of the best seller scar & stretch mark product in 20 countries. Io Oil contains ingredients such as vitamins A & E, natural plant oils and PurCellin OilTM.

So when I start using the Bio-Oil I decide to take a few before and after pictures on how this goes. On day one as you can see in the first picture my burned scar has dried a bit. I feel a bit "safe" to put on the oil over it. I use it sometimes 2 times a day after shower or simply 3-4 times a day whenever I feel like reapplying it on to my hands. It is a bit greasy tho. You hand can look abit shiny after you apply it. The absorption takes time. After 2 week I can see that my burned scar improved and my new skin starts to healed. I will continue to use this to see if i can help to overly dismiss the black burned mark on the back of my hand in shaa Allah. I think this is a good product to try. It comes ina  plastic bottle with a twist cap. The oil can be a bit messy overall. So be sure to clean it up as you can see I got my cats fur stuck on the greasiness. Haha. This retails for RM34.75 for a 60ml product and available at all participating pharmacies nationwide such as Watsons and Guardian. More info you can check out Bio Oil Malaysia Facebook page :
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