Sugar Belle Luxurious Matte Lip Cream Full Swatch & Review

I could not help myself when I knew that when they announce they are going to make a new makeup brand. A home grown from a country I was born in. Bangga Lah! Especially when its makeup kan.I just lost my marbles. Nothing excites me more when my own country are going to have more makeup brand. This is how I always have faith that Malaysia also can have prestige makeup brand that will take over the world just like what Jimmy Choo has done right. Nothing is impossible in this life except for satisfy every people haha. Sugar Belle Cosmetics, founded by two amazing inspiring ladies Belle Yahya & Eyqa Sulaiman who are also has their own business them self which are Bella Ammara & Sugarscarf. Each lip cream are packed in this nice black textured box with gold ribbon on it. The body of the lip cream are made from a very high quality matte finish plastic tube. Each shades are differentiate with a sticker on the bottom part and a small "window" showing what shade are they on each of them.
As an opening they launch their very own matte lip cream. Hah! If you know me, I am a big fan of these type of cream matte finish lip product. Have you seen my SMLC from NYX collection? Then you know how much I love these type of lip cream finishes. They launch 5 shades and at first I just want to get one, but I just could resist my self and choose. So I bought all. Haha! So let get on which some swatches shall we! 
Luxurious Matte Lip Cream No.1 Pink Paris. A true Barbie Pink but has a warm undertone. Which means perfect for most Asian skintone.
Luxurious Matte Lip Cream No.2 High Class Red. A beautiful raspberry red. It is like a deep red but not too dark and has a bit of a plum tone to it. I know we don't have season here but this might be a nice Fall color!
Luxurious Matte Lip Cream No.3 Lustre Red. I just relize that this picture are the most messy ones. I'm so sorry, I just saw this when I am editing my pictures. This is a true classic red lipstick. It is not that opaque and creamy but after a few layer it can be opaque and very pigmented. 
Luxurious Matte Lip Cream No.4 Sugar Pink. A creamy milky pink shade. Reminds me of Istanbul from NYX SMLC but this one has more "Pink" in it and maybe a bit of a baby milk peach tone in it. Go for this if you want a natural lip with a hint of pink.
Luxurious Matte Lip Cream No.5 Nude Kisses. Of course I am going to love this. I love nude lipstick! This is one of the perfect nude color I ever have! It's like the combination of my favorite NYX SMLC Athens + London + Stockholm. It's not too nude, not too brown. Just nice! I love this! And oh yes, this shade is the creamiest and most opaque among all 5.

Overall thoughts. I am wearing High Class Red in picture above. Below the picture are an image after 3-4 hours of wearing and after eating & drinking. I could say they fade but they leave a nice tint to my lips nicely. One point here, as you can see my lips does not happen to be dry or flaky at all. This lip cream are really hydrating. My favorite of all 5 are High Class Red & Nude Kisses. They are very hydrating. Some of them aren't opaque but the colors are build-able by layers. They set to matte around 1 minute. The applicator it self are another thing I love, it has a slanted shape where re applying is easy, only that its a bit hard to get in to the corner of my lips. Oh yes! One more thing, they smell so good. They has this fresh fruity scent that is not overpowering or lingers to much. Just nice! I could see some of lipstick junkies out there does complain on how some matte lip cream are super drying right, well, I recommend you this! Let me know what shades you would look forward to try!

I wish Sugar Belle will grow bigger with more products coming in. I look up to these two ladies as an inspiration <3 Hopefully one day my brand will also grow and be successful like them in shaa Allah <3 Adore ad definitely you have my support all the way!

You can purchase them at . Each lip products contains 5g worth of product and retails for RM49.00 each.
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