Hermo Malaysia #Mycybersale Haul

 *Sipping some ginger tea* Ugh I just had too! Something came and it makes me happy. My nausea went a way for a while. My little shopping spree from Hermo for this year #MyCyberSale2015 has arrive! Yay! I got a few stuff and I thinking of showing you guys what I got! The #MyCyberSale2015 starts on Monday and will end this Friday which is 2nd of October. I manage to grab some stuff that I have been wish-listing for. Some of them sold out but git restock back. I immediately add in to my cart and pay. Glad I got them all,. Still got some stuff I want but cannot lah, need to save haha.
So the first thing I got is the Makeup Remover sheet from Nature Republic, Nature Republic - Magic Remover Facial Tissue. It was only RM21.17 and what attracts me is that it have 60 sheet in one pack. Pretty a lot there, so I think it was a good bargain, and I grab one. As you know I love facial wipes in any kind that I can find and try. The second thing I got is the Aloe Vera gel. I got the Nature Republic one, but I wanted something that is more "higher". Pretty ngada2 actually. This one from Holika Holika called the Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel has 99% more than the Nature Republic one which is 92% if I am not mistaken. As you know I have a major skin issue right now due to my hormone changes, I heard that I can't use acne treatment that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I have to use a natural ones which are Aloe Vera as a safe option. I wanna give this a try also the packaging looks cool tho. haha.
Save the best for the last. Lastly I got my self this awesome shading palette from Memebox. As you know Memebox is now available in Malaysia at Hermo Malaysia. Yay! This is the I'm Meme I'm Shading Palette [#Sd01 3-step Contouring] , I don't have a lot of contouring product and I wanna give this a try. I love how they have this light colored shading shades and a highlight in one palette. During this sale, I got this for only RM70.40 which usually retails for RM80.00 at Hermo. Can't wait to play around with this. During this sale also I got my total purchase with -RM15.00 off as my total is above RM120.00. You can get more discount if you spend more by grabbing these vouchers - http://www.hermo.my/mycybersale2015/vouchers.html . Ok thats all for today, I need to get to the bathroom again. 

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